Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Windy City.

Nat and I started the trip home on Sunday night, driving from Oklahoma to Indiana. We opted to drive through the night to take advantage of Paul sleeping. That turned out to be a great decision and Paul did so well! The last hour was the worst of the whole trip, but we made it.:-)

My brother and his family have lived an hour outside of Chicago for the last six years and have always said they would take us to Chicago. Despite the fact we've been out several times, we've never gone to the city. Since they are moving to PA this weekend, we thought we would break up our trip by being with them for a few days and go into Chicago while we are here.

We went in on Wednesday and had a great time. I was a bit concerned about Paul - being warm enough and nursing - but both worked out. :-) He was such a good little boy and only got fussy towards the end when we were eating dinner. He loved all the lights and feeling the wind on his face. In fact, he kept trying to eat it. :-)

Most of the day we spent at Navy Pier where there was an indoor Winter Wonderland exhibit. It was absolutely stunning with all the Christmas lights and decorations and there were plenty of rides and ice skating for the kids to do. The best part was since it was 12-12-12 the price to do everything was $12 instead of $20! My nephews and niece had a great time and we enjoyed pushing all the coats around on the stroller. :-)

Chicago is a fairly clean city and white lights make anything look better! We ended the day at the Grand Lux Cafe with another great view and some amazing Asian nachos. I love visiting big cities!

Tonight we're going to a Christmas banquet and then we're heading home! Let's hope Paul travels well one more time. :-)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Three Months.

My little guy turned three months today! He has really started to change, especially in the last couple of weeks. He almost rolled over today (but then decided it wasn't worth it:D), he smiles a lot (unless he's hungry), and loves exploring his hands. We've also noticed how he's better at being content and is able to lay by himself and play without constantly needing someone in his face all the time.

Paul has had two haircuts and two "trims" and continues to be my peanut when it comes to his size. It was a sad yet happy day when he outgrew his first outfit that he wore home from the hospital.

He has brought us so much joy and loves to teach us patience (or the Lord uses him to teach us!). He has spent most of his life on the road and has done fairly well for being such a little guy. Of course he's the star attraction everywhere we go - or I should say his hair is!!