Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Shutting Down.

After blogging for several years, I've decided to indefinitely close this blog down as I've not been able to maintain it like I did in the past. (That's an understatement!) Instead, I would like to guide you over to the website for the ladies paper at my church - http://www.graceandhonor.org/. Over there, I plan to continue my column by writing by-monthly and sharing tidbits from Thailand.

I also send out a monthly email update and would love any blog readers to join that list, if you're not on it already. Feel free to leave you email address in the comments as I won't be publishing those comments for this post. 

Blogging has been a sweet experience for me and was always as much for my benefit to be able to look back as for anyone else. Thank you for following my adventures through the years and for rejoicing with me in God's goodness!