Sunday, April 25, 2010


So, I am so NOT on the road right now.... in case you haven't figured it out! But the delay was absolutely well worth it:).

"Officially" my bridesmaids threw me a surprise bridal shower on Saturday morning, but from my rather high vantage point from being on the platform, I saw so many ladies cheerfully and happily pitching in to make things come together. After being so shocked that I quickly closed the door, I was so happy to see dear family, friends, and church family all in the room! Nat and I feel very, very blessed and praise the Lord for His goodness in our lives.

I would love to share more, but there's a very special friend of mine who drove in from Tennessee and we have a 6:30 breakfast date set. Yes, I will get up early for some things! From what I understand, we're taking off on our road trip after services this morning... and if we don't, that's ok! I heard at the shower a devotional on flexibility;). Better put it to practice!

Happy Lord's Day!!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Heading Out For The Wild Blue Yonder.

When it comes to packing, I work well under pressure. I prefer to call it motivated, but the more cynical-minded among us might call it procrastination:). It's now 7:14 AM (yeah, we're not going to talk about my usual disregard for getting up early) and I have exactly 2 hours and 46 minutes to pack up for the next 10 days.

What can I say? I love a challenge! When I left in August 2008 for a year-long stay in Thailand, my flight left at 11 PM and I finished packing a mere 6 hours earlier at 5 PM. Fun stuff:).

A few weeks ago, I alluded to a trip that Nat, I, and two people from my church are making and this highly anticipated trip has arrived... kinda. We're actually leaving on Saturday, but I get to pack up today because my brother is graciously working on my parents' kitchen floor. So that means no Anne walking across the floor. *Sigh* The inconveniences of life:).

7:18. Time's a-ticking by. I can probably delay my departure an extra 15 minutes though since my brother isn't even here yet. But I suppose I better mosey in the direction of the suitcases and travel-sized bottles. I can feel the adrenaline coursing through me already!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A P.S. To The Last Post.

In case you're interested, here's a link showing a video of the convey that came through my town today bearing the steel from the World Trade Center. Wow.

Standing Still.

A piece of American history drove by today - right through my small town of Emmaus.

I tend to be a little oblivious when it comes to community events and things, but as I drove through Emmaus today I wondered why people were lined up along the main road and all looking expectantly at the road. I figured it was too early for the various summer parades and car shows that come through our area, but I just shrugged it off and went home.

After doing some things inside my house, I walked outside to our garage to get the lawn mower when I heard a trucker's horn. Now I live on the busiest street in my town (which really isn't saying much although Wikipedia puts the population at over 11,000 people and we all know that Wikipedia tells the truth every single time:D). So when I heard the horn, I figured some trucker was impatient with the traffic. My attention was completely caught when I heard another horn join in, so I glanced over towards the road and saw a big rig driving by with an American flag draped across its cargo. My curiosity intensified when I glanced over at my neighbor's place and saw people coming out of their store so I walked over and joined them.

As we watched the big rigs rolls by - each one having at least one American flag on them - my neighbor said 28 rigs were a part of a mile-long procession carrying steel beams from the World Trade Center to Coatesville, a town about 40 minutes south of Emmaus. The beams originated from a steel plant in Coatesville and were being returned there from JFK Airport for what will eventually be a museum on the history of steel.

As each rig rolled by, the drivers honked their horns - not obnoxiously though. Patriotism stirred in me as I watched the trucks go by. Traffic stopped and for 10 minutes the world stood still... at least, the little world of Emmaus. And I was able to stand still too.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Starving: It's A Good Thing.

Years ago my pastor's wife did a Bible Study with the single girls using the book Lies Women Believe and I remember walking away from that study thinking how easy it is for me to be duped into believing a lie. Profound I know, but so true!

I still think about that study, especially when I blunder and make a wrong choice. I want to kick myself as I wonder, "Now why did I respond to that situation like that? I know better and I thought I got the victory over it the last time." Giving in to the flesh is temporarily satisfying, but never brings true contentment. I have to make a conscious choice to listen to truth, rather than believing lies.

I'm in a rather contemplative mood as I think about a Bible study Nat and I did for marriage counseling. As a quick aside, I strongly recommend marriage counseling before the wedding bells toll! Nat and I have tremendously enjoyed it and have learned so much from our sessions with Pastor Roland. Ok, commercial over.... back to our study:). This one is on communication and many of the questions have really made us think! Standard Sunday School answers don't cut it and I've been forced out of my comfort zone of logically and methodically working my way through easy-to-answer questions. In truth, I have to think of scenarios and situations in our future that have yet to happen. Tough stuff. My personality is the type to sit there and say, "Well I don't know what's going to happen or how I'm going to respond so how am I supposed to answer this question!"

This is where it's so foundational to know what God's Word says and to combat the lies of the devil with the truth of God's Word. My marriage depends upon it. Obviously communication plays such a huge role in relationships and if I'm not careful, I'm going to feed a lie instead of starving it to death. I choose life - for truth, that is!

Just some late night musings from a girl who is looking forward to becoming the wife of a wonderful, godly man in 87.1 days... of course the .1 represents the rest of this day:).

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Flip Flops.

The craziest things make me think of Thailand and my time spent in that dear country:

  • A brief glimpse of a man who looked exactly like the missionary I worked with.
  • Hearing a song sung that I first heard at the church I attended in Bangkok.
  • A facebook comment from a friend saying she was looking at pictures from a trip we took to the aquarium.

Tonight I had another reminder: flip flops. Because of the beautiful weather we've been having, I figured it was high time I got them out. What I wasn't expecting was the feeling that would come with wearing the flip flops. The last time I wore flip flops was in Thailand. Seven months ago. Having lived in Thailand for 15 months, I developed some strong ties to that country, her people, and the dear missionaries I worked with and (justifiably?) get a smidge sentimental and wistful when reminded of my time there.

Right now the flip flops feel strange on my feet. What used to be standard footwear -- even in the "winter" months when it was still 80 degrees out! -- is now strange and a little uncomfortable. My heart is telling me to go jump on a plane and return to Thailand to help some dearly loved missionaries. My brain, however, is being slightly more logical:).

I'm smiling now as I think of a trip being planned for the not-too-distant future when I will be able to return to Thailand... and that time will be with my husband! The memories of my time in Thailand are still there and the work is still going on. Nat and I try to be faithful each night in praying for our dear friends, but I'm thinking I won't forget tonight.

Flip flops... way too many emotions attached to them.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bits And Pieces.

You know, I'm noticing a trend here: every time Nat leaves on a trip, I decide to update the blog! Hmm, I'll have to work on that:).

Nat and a bunch of the preacher boys from my church are out at a preachers' conference in Ohio for the next couple of days. Is it ok to admit that I've experienced twinges of jealousy? Well, 'tis true. I love going to conferences and am really looking forward to a conference that will be held at Rebecca's church in a few weeks. There's something about getting away and hearing several preachers preach and then sitting back and marvelling at how the Lord connects all the messages together! Oh, it's going to be good! But for now, I get to look forward to Nat calling tonight and sharing what the preaching was about today:).

I did have a delightful day of doing little bits and pieces. The bakery was closed today ~ something for which we were all thankful! Friday and Saturday felt like marathon days since people ordered all sorts of food for Easter, so the bakery owners had the good sense to be closed yesterday and today:). I did get roped into teaching a Bible class this morning for the elementary students for one of the preacher boys who went away on the trip, but I had a great time with the students, which is always a plus;).

My original plan for today was to spend a good portion of the day resting (trying to shake being sick!), but the day was too beautiful and I felt too motivated to spend the whole day resting! Instead, I went over to a local greenhouse and after talking to the right person (finally!), I was able to order all the roses I need for the wedding. Nat's sister has graciously agreed to arranging our flowers into bouquets, etc. so I just have to get the stuff:). The neat thing is the florist at the greenhouse was so helpful in passing along tips and the best place to buy things like floral tape, pins, etc. Once again the Lord provided in a great way and all the praise goes to Him!

I must've been on a wedding frenzy or something because I also managed to get the guest list written out, well at least for my side:). A while ago Nat delegated that task to his sister for his side, so he's been done for a while now. I've been getting addresses from all sorts of friends all day and now I'm ready to address the invitations... except it's too early and we haven't printed them yet. Such a minor detail;).

There's still that pesky little detail of getting my dress ~ such a small detail! The florist asked me today if there were any beads or sequins on my dress and I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head when I said I didn't have it yet:). But that should be ordered soon and then I'll be down to one really big detail: pie shells. Being the non-traditional person that I am, I've decided to have pies at my wedding instead of a humongous wedding cake. My reasoning is two-fold: (1) most wedding cakes I've tasted were pretty but dry (making it pretty dry!) and (2) my dad absolutely loves pies so I figured this would be a good way to make sure my dad was satisfied at the reception:).

Nat and I decided to do a little wedding cake for the two of us, but if we have as many people at our wedding as we think we're going to have, then we better start making those shells! Of course it helps working at a bakery where I can get all sorts of techniques and tips from the bakers:).

No worries though. I still have 95 days to get it all done!