Monday, August 19, 2013

No more stuff!

I feel like it has been an eternity since I last posted, but that's because life has been happily chaotic and full. I was glancing around my apartment this morning and realized we met a really important goal this weekend: getting rid of stuff. 

We had our yard sale Saturday and even with the dead-end street factor working against us, we still managed to get rid of quite a bit. One couple who stopped by mentioned their daughter was having a boy in September. Since Paul was a September baby as well, I gave them 5 boxes of baby clothing and both parties were very happy. :) 

We only hauled back half of a tote into our apartment and that made me really happy! What didn't sell we put out for free at church and then whatever is leftover goes to Goodwill. :)

There were several items that we were sad to see go, but that's just the way it is. Now my plan is to start helping my mom go through her house - now that's going to be a job! ;-)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cousins And Couches.

Friday Nat, Paul, and I picked up two little cousins and headed to an amusement park nearby to join up with my sister and her family. The five little cousins had so much fun together, although I will admit that the ones who had the most fun were the ones who could go on all the rides. :-)

Nevertheless it was a great day to spend time with some of our nephews and a niece, especially since our time here in the States is rapidly drawing to a close. 

In other news, our couch moved on today to a new home. Nat had bought a couch set with one of the guys from church when they were both bachelors and split the set when the other guy got married. Now the two parts will be reunited again and we have one more thing out of our apartment. I suppose we could've waited until we moved to Thailand to get rid of the couch, but the space it freed up was a little more important to me. :-) Now I feel like I can organize our remaining stuff a little easier! Plus we won't have as many last minute things to do if we start doing them now!

The next thing on my calendar is a yard sale on August 24th... Please buy our stuff! It would be lovely to get rid of the pile in my bedroom. :-)