Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Recapping The Weekend.

You know, the one great thing about blogging (at least for me), is I can blog as much or as little as I want to:). And whenever I want to. So even though it is now Tuesday, I've finally carved out some time to share about the very fun weekend I had!

First stop was the Holiday Inn Express. Actually, if I was going to be technical here I would give an honorable mention to Panera Bread which did a fabulous job from keeping all of us at the edge of starvation:).

Hello super-efficient room! It was quite tiny but that's to be expected and all 5 of us managed quite nicely:).

9 of us gals got all dressed up to head out for a fancy dinner and show, but let's skip all that talk about fancy restaurant because it turned out to pretty much be a burger joint with stools, minus the burgers. We did have a super time at the show though;).

Saturday morning we split into two groups: shopping and touring. Um, yeah, guess which group I picked;).

Three of the girls in my group had to head back early to NJ and PA so Becky and I ended up walking around and seeing all sorts of fun things. We first stopped at the Empire State Building and greatly enjoyed ourselves. I will mention that buying the audio tour made it worth the extra 8 bucks. So if you find yourself in NYC one day staring at the Empire State Building and debating about whether to go or not, I recommend you spend the extra money to get the full tour:).

The tall building on the left (oh wait, they're all tall!) with the spire is the Chrysler Building and the shorter, stubby, greenish windows building on the far right is the UN building. We actually tried to get into the Chrysler Building but they had closed it for the evening.

We also went to the Public Library and wandered around the halls for a little bit. There was a nice long banister I just couldn't resist sliding down and of course now I have the memory of sliding down said banister;).

We decided to stop in Grand Central Station just because, and apparently we're not the only ones who thought of doing that because inside were tons of people with cameras pointing in all sorts of directions:).

Becky and I did a lot of walking and some stopping in Starbucks to thaw out too:). My fingers and toes were so cold they didn't return to normal until after I returned to my own house!

It was so very much fun and when I walked into my room Saturday night, I found a dozen pink roses in a basket with chocolates and a card thrown in for good measure. Aw, what a sweet guy I have! Sunday morning Nat and I drove down to New Jersey to the church he helps out at and then had a lovely lunch at Ruby Tuesday's and wandered around IKEA. I think IKEA would have been a much more enjoyable experience if I didn't have 2.5 inch heels on, so we'll just have to go back down again:).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What A Weekend For A Trip!

Rachel alluded to a trip several gals from my church are taking this weekend and I must say I am seriously excited to be joining this happy group for what is sure to be a memorable weekend:). We're headed to the Big Apple ~ Hello NYC, I have fond memories of you! ~ to see a Broadway show and to do some sightseeing. I've always been one to state the obvious, so since we're going to see a show, that obviously means dressing up is a given:).

Oh, it's gonna be fun!!!!

I must admit though that I'm not quite sure what I'm wearing, but this is where the fun of spontaneity and last-minute packing comes into play. I've never been one to have the suitcase all zipped up days before any given trip, so in keeping with tradition, I've decided to wake up early in the morning and throw some items in a bag. Be amazed, Becky, that I'm actually waking up early to accomplish this feat!

To add to the excitement, my sweetie and I are going to look for a house in the morning for a refugee family we're helping to settle in our area. Oooh, I do love a challenge and trying to cram it all in before 8 AM is definitely a challenge:).

Let the memories begin!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Breakfast... But Not At Tiffany's:).

Ordinarily, I am not an early-riser. Rise and shine time for me is somewhere around 8:00 AM. I am such a night person that it isn't even funny! So I was very pleased with myself this morning when I dragged myself out of my cozy, warm bed at the unearthly hour of 6:30.


Yeah, I know. Talk about early!!!!

But I did have some pretty good motivation: breakfast with my sweetie before he went to work! When Nat said we would leave at 7:30, I gulped and squeaked out an "ummm.... ooooook" but I did have to ask if I had to be, you know, functioning at that time of the day and he assured me I did not;). Hey, I figured Nat is going to have to get used to me not exactly functioning and being all perky when I first wake up... it takes me a good 45 minutes or so:).

We went out to Cracker Barrel for our birthday breakfast, which was absolutely yummy! The crackling fire was bonus, but very much appreciated! (Another thing about me is I'm always cold. Yep, always). We had such a nice time celebrating our birthdays that I'm thinkin' Cracker Barrel just might have to work its way into our joint celebration for years to come:).

Oh, and the whole wake up at 6:30 thing? I'm thinkin' that's gonna get shelved for another year;).