Friday, May 28, 2010


My sweetie sent me a picture of something the high school boys at our Christian school so kindly put in his office:

The countdown's getting lower every day:).

Monday, May 17, 2010

Some Results.

I did get to the doctor this morning, but before I go on I just wanted to express how truly blessed I am with the man God has given to me! He not only persevered in finding a doctor for me, but he also pretty much put his whole schedule for the morning on hold while he drove me over to the doctor's office. Trust me, you wouldn't have wanted me driving!

The doctor confirmed my suspicions of having a cornea abrasion. When he first examined my eye the pain was pretty fierce, so then he gave me what the nurse called "happy drops" which basically meant the drops numbed the pain:). He did say that most likely my eye never healed when it was injured in February 2009, and to this day I can't figure out what caused the injury back then or on Sunday. Oh well! I am thankful that I can still see (albeit things are a tad blurry!) and that the doctor did say I can still go on my trip and have a follow-up visit next Monday. Thanks for praying!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Would Ya'll Mind...

... praying for me? In February 2009, I had a week of fun in going back and forth to the hospital in Bangkok for what the doctors told me was a scratched cornea in my right eye. I've experienced occasional pain in my eye off and on over the last 16 months, but nothing like what I experienced today. It was like going through the whole experience in 2009, minus the hurried trip to the ER room late one Tuesday night:).

My wonderful sweetie is so full of compassion and went looking for a solution this afternoon in trying to find a doctor in the Lehigh Valley who could have a little look-see at my eye. I would really like to get an appointment tomorrow with the doctor and would appreciate any and all prayer towards that end!

I'm also supposed to be heading out on a trip on Wednesday to the mid-west to see my niece graduate from high school, but obviously plans are subject to change. I'm reminded again of the verse that says all things work together for good!

Just waitin' to see how things unfold this week.... good thing the Sunday School lesson this morning was on rejoicing!

Monday, May 3, 2010

News, news, news.

  • News item #1: I'm back in good, ole' PA. Earth-shattering, I know!
  • News item #2: My trip out to the mid-west was most amazing and so timely. More to come later.
  • News item #3: It's amazing how seeing my handsome man smiling in a picture makes me giggle and grin, smile and sigh:).
  • News item #4: I don't think #3 was as newsworthy as I think it is!

~Only 67 more days!~