Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Taking A Breather

Last week I took the opportunity to slip away to a nearby coffee shop while the kids were napping. I haven't quite decided if this particular shop is going to be my new favorite coffee shop or not. For one thing, the name is Pen Da Hug Coffee. I keep forgetting to check the Thai spelling because then I might be able to figure out where they were heading with the name. The word "pen" in Thai is actually pronounced like "Ben" and means is/are. I'm not sure what "da" is supposed to mean, but "hug" sounds pretty comforting, so maybe it will be my new favorite after all!

And come on, this *is* a pretty cute way to serve an iced latte:

So for approximately $1.20, not only did I get a cute-looking mug (great-tasting latte included!), I also had 45 minutes of downtime to sit on someone else's porch with a wonderful breeze blowing through and I got to read part of a book! Complete win: kids slept, hubby worked on projects, and I enjoyed a breather. :-)

That breather was needed because we've packed so much into the last two weeks. The move from Chiang Mai was the first time we've ever had to move everything to a new house, and I was grateful we had movers do the job. 

We were very excited to have the opportunity to put together our kitchen the way we wanted to, so we started off with a blank room:

And came up with this:

Can I just say how much I'm enjoying having a big kitchen?!? It was originally the living room, but the kitchen was more important to us than the living room, so we tossed the idea of a living room out. :-) 

We're still putting a few things together throughout the house, but overall we are completely able to function with lots of little perks along the way. We're also enjoying a wide porch, whether sitting out there to read my Bible, watching the kids play, or eating dinner. A soft breeze blows often and it's so quiet. God has been very good to us!