Tuesday, June 20, 2006

An e-mail worth tears

This afternoon I cried when I opened the following e-mail from J:

We're pleased to announce the birth of our first son, Dillon, born Friday, June 16th 8:10PM 6lb. 10oz 21in. Mom is recovering well and baby Dillon is in stable condition at St. Christopher's hospital for Children in Philadelphia where he was transferred. He experienced some birth trauma, came out not breathing, and he had to be put on the ventilator. He also is having siezures, and they are giving him several medications to get them under control. It seems he is improving a little, so it should just be a matter of time. He will be there for 1-2 weeks or so undergoing tests and treatment if all goes well. I will be commuting to work from there till he comes home.
Dillon means "Faithful" and God has already shown Himself faithful to us in this situation we're going through providing our needs and keeping us looking to him. Thank you so much for your prayer and concern. The love offering was quite unexpected and a real blessing. Thank you.
So many people are going through similar situations. Please pray that we would have specific opportunities to speak to people about Christ and be an encouragement to them in their time of difficulty.
Rejoicing in His Faithfulness,
J and T
Only God. That's all that can be said. While Dillon is not "out of the woods", it's amazing to see God's faithfulness continually and consistently. A friend told me the midwife said there was no reason for that baby to be here, for he was like a limp dishrag.
I need no explanation, and the answer to "why?" probably won't be revealed this side of Heaven. But just as Dillon's name means "faithfulness", I know one of the attributes of my Great God and Saviour is "faithfulness".


Happymama said...

Only God....Amen!

Anne said...

God's faithful! We appreciate your prayers, Kristi!