Saturday, June 3, 2006

Teachers come in all sizes

I'm a pink and blue kind of gal... have you ever noticed when you look into your closet, you see your colors clearly defined? I didn't realize how much of a pink girl I was until this past Christmas. I received lots of pink things from people who noticed I liked to wear pink:-) I remember years and years ago, one of the ladies in my church had a class for "us girls only" about what skin tone we were. There was spring, summer, fall and winter to choose from... not exactly hard, right? Right. It came down to three choices (for I knew I wasn't a "fall"... oranges and browns don't work for me). Eventually I narrowed it down to "spring" or "summer". Just when I thought I had the right season, the teacher came over and said, "Oh no. You're not _____, you're ____." Oh. I learned a lesson from that experience. When I look at a situation from my viewpoint, I only see a partial picture. But by stepping back and viewing the situation from another person's eyes and even from the Lord's viewpoint, you get a different view. This is why the Lord places teachers in my life. Teachers who have been there, and done that. Teachers might be... A parent. A pastor. A college professor. A friend. A sibling. A nephew or niece. A perfect stranger. The checker at Wal-mart. A neighbor. A child from junior church. A baby Christian. Today as I go to a high school graduation, I just might learn something from the very girls I taught this past year.


Rachel said...

Yay! She joined Blogger, folks!

Be careful, blogging is addicting. :D

Three Sisters Blog said...

Welcome to the blogging world!!!! Your blog is very nice.
3 sisters

Bernadine said...

Love your post, I'm a pink and blue kind of a girl myself. I'm also a teacher by profession and a Sunday School teacher who had taught one of those "us girls only" classes. Believe me, you can learn just as much from them as you teach them if you're open to what they have to say. :)

Anne said...

Thanks girls for the encouragement... it's been lots of fun already;)