Saturday, July 29, 2006

Drifting On.

Several single and teen girls went to Nockamixon State Park today to do some kayaking on the lake and we couldn't have asked for a prettier day! As Raichelle prayed, too much wind and we would've been cold, but not enough wind and we would've been hot:o). So all in all it was a good day.

Well, except for the sunburnt legs and feet. I completely forgot to put sunscreen on my legs and my culottes only went a couple of inches below my knees. So as we paddled around, I kicked off my sandals to enjoy the warmth of the sun... I'm still feeling the sun's heat on my legs and it's been several hours! Hopefully a little aloe vera will do the trick.

As we paddled, we waited for two of the girls to come in Priscilla's canoe. Since they entered the lake at a different point than we did, we had to meet up with them. So the four kayaks kinda pulled up next to each other and allowed the water to drift us on. It was a lazy day on the lake as we girls chattered and laughed, completely unaware how much we were drifting.

We finally met up with the canoe and headed towards some lily pads in the distance. We did some more drifting and then finally decided to turn around to make it back in time since we only had two hours from start to finish. So we all started paddling.

And paddling.

And a little more.

And realized that we had drifted so far that we had a lot of distance to cover in a little amount of time! Plus we had to work hard to go against the current and the wind. Our arms and legs were aching, but we had to make up all that drifting that we did. We finally made it back to the beach, just in time too!!! Later on we were sitting around talking about how our muscles will ache tomorrow and how surprised we were at how far we went. Someone made the observation that us drifting on the lake could be paralleled to our Christian walk. What starts off as just going away a little bit turns into something bigger, and before we know it, we've drifted from God, the Bible, convictions, and standards.

And all it took was just a little drifting. Wow!!! Often God brings the application from day to day happenings to apply to my Christian walk. Wednesday night the speaker preached on *toeholds of sin* in our lives. Often we'll allow the devil to take a *toehold* in our lives, and soon it turns into a *foothold*, and then it becomes a *stronghold*. That's why it's important to nip it back at the *toehold* stage.

The lake was a lot of fun and we want to try to make this a monthly activity for the single and teen girls. I'm just not sure if I want to do anything with water for the next activity:-D.


Happymama said...

Sounds like you had a agood time of fellowship. I'm glad. It's so important.

Our Sunday School class is planning a trip next month to Virginia where we will ride a van to the top of a mountain and ride a bicycle all the way back down. We'll stay in a hotel for the night and then go white water rafting the next day. I can swim very well, but I do not like water. We're planning on going just the same. Bruce (my dear hubby) says he promises he won't let me fall in. LOL PRAY!!!!

Anne said...

Now that sounds like a very cool and very fun trip:o) We girls would like to go white water rafting except it's a little expensive for the teen girls... your hubby is quite the gem for making sure you don't take an unintentional plunge into the water;). Lots of fun!!!

bookwormaddict said...

That's neat you've gotten to go to Europe on a missions trip. I have been to Mexico a number of times when I was younger.
I have always had a personal passion for Poland (strange I know!).
You sound really neat. I love to read, AOGG (Anne of Green Gables), writing (poetry and stories)....
Have a great rest of the weekend!

Anne said...

Thanks for stopping by bookwormaddict:-)... I have a passion for the Czech Republic, so I can definitely understand;).