Monday, July 31, 2006

Simple Pleasures.

I enjoyed a simple pleasure this evening... something I haven't done in quite a few years (at least 4). I sat out in the garden and picked out the one thing we seem to grow best: weeds:-). As I sat there, I noticed the little ants scurrying back and forth (especially after I wrecked their peaceful little kingdom!), watched the daddy long leg spider speed away from my fingers (if he only knew how much I dislike spiders!), and drank in the sweet smell of the flowers that were freshly freed of their enemy ~ the weed.

As dusk began to fall, I got so excited to see the fireflies light up the night... memories of my childhood summer days floated back to me on the wings of those fireflies. I remember many a summer night when my siblings and I would run around playing tag, kickball, or baseball in our oblong backyard. We always tried to squeeze out the last bit of sunlight from the fading day, but regretfully the balls and bases would be put away until the next afternoon and soon we would run around catching fireflies. Even that evening activity was eventually retired; often as a result of one of us kids running into someone else! Then we would sit down on the grass while my parents and grandfather sat in the lawn chairs. We would look up at the sky and see the stars twinkle. Occasionally a passing car would break the silence of the still evening. Living in the country certainly had its pleasures, many of which did not include loud music, blaring horns, or street lights! Finally we would go to bed, but always looking forward to the next day's activities of ball, laughter, and fun.

Those four years we lived with my grandfather hold some of the best memories of summer fun. As I sat tonight, I thought about how busy I am, and how often I come home at night just in time to go to bed. Where did the fireflies go? What about the kickball games? How about running through the cornfield next to our house or climbing up the trees? They are all a distant memory now. In its place has come responsibility. Perhaps I give myself too much responsibility and forget to take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. I like what Olivia said to Jasper on a Road To Avonlea episode, "We only have one life to live, so let's live it." What she meant was: let's experience life and all of it's ups and downs. It's ok if at the end of the day the list is not completely crossed off.

I enjoyed tonight and look forward to partaking in some summer pleasure while there is still summer to enjoy. It's pretty hard to enjoy summer in the wintertime. I think maybe, just maybe, those fireflies might come by to visit again. And when they do, I'll be ready to run after them with all the enthusiam and excitement of a 10 year old girl just enjoying her summer:o).


Rachel Marie said...

Oh, Anne, do I ever agree with you!!!

I really do not like winter...
And summer evenings are some of my favorite things!:-)
I love enjoying the summer, and all it's little pleasures!
I wouldn't trade country living for the world!:-)

Great post!;-)

Happymama said...

I have to agree with Rachel Marie. Country living is simple living with the greatest treasures being God's gift of nature.

Good post, Anne.


Amy said...

What a great post. I feel the end of summer coming quickly and am a little sad to know it will be over soon, though I do love fall. Being out and about with my children has helped me to enjoy some of my old childhood pleasures - picnics, hide and seek and sandcastles come to mind :)

Anonymous said...

I just adore fireflies! I moved to TN from WA. We didn't have them there. My dear husband was so excited that he caught one.
I must say though that I love every season. I think there is beauty in each one. Honestly, this humidity is really starting to ware on me. I want the crisp air of the fall.

Anne said...

I think if I could take the beauty of a summer night and the crispness of a fall evening, I would be in incredible bliss:-)