Saturday, September 16, 2006


I am a big fan of bargains! Whether it is finding the best gas price or using coupons and club cards to buy items at the grocery store, I get excited to see money saved, even pennies. I have a cupholder in my car that gets all my spare change, and that spare change has often paid for my frequent trips down to Philly courtesy of the PA Turnpike (which is, by the way, the *only* maintained road in PA, or so it seems!)

But anyway. My latest find is from Chadwicks. I was asked by my friend Gina to be in her wedding, which was originally set for June but now is moved up to January. You see, in May I joined a group from Maryland and visited Gina in the Czech Republic and it was during that trip that Gina began a courtship with a young man from Metropolitan Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas.

Fast forward to July when she asked me to be in her wedding and to start saving for a bridesmaid dress. Now I've been in three other weddings before this, so I know how costly dresses could get. I paid over $120.00 for my sister's wedding and $100.00 for my friend's wedding and the sad part is that I've only worn each dress once since the weddings.

So when Gina told me to save for a dress, I had a pretty good idea of the cost. Today she called me and told me to go to Chadwicks and look in the Clearance section. In an instant, my ears perked up! I like *clearance* as long as you can find something that suits you! I'm not a big fan of buying just because it's a bargain and then you never even wear the *bargain buy*. It totally defeats the purpose! So she told me what the dress was and then she dropped the price.

"The dress is going to be $20.00, and make sure you buy it soon, since it's in clearance."

Oh wow. I was very happy with that price! So after figuring out the right size and realizing that a bonus was I can wear the dress to church, I happily zipped around the website just looking around. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted "Specials Today Only" so I decided to check it out. Here the same dress that Gina wanted was on sale for $15 and when I went to check out, they offered me a 20% discount since I was a "new member"! So instead of paying $27.00 (shipping included), I got it for $17.98:o). Plus I called Gina and told her to tell the other girls to get theirs today, so hopefully they'll save some $$$ too!

*Sigh*. I love bargain shopping!


Happymama said...

Now, THAT is a good deaL! I'm happy for you. I hope the other girls got on the ball with that.


Michelle said...

Wow! Anne I'm proud of you! Way to stick to a budget of savings! You go girlie.

Love, Michelle

Tiffany said...

The link didn't work for me, can you email me a link with the dress that you bought?

Melissa said...

hey Anne, I know this is a little off subject.......anyways, yes, I guess it is a fairly recent development, she found out in January. She had two surgeries, which seemed to take care of it for the time being, and she has been doing great. But it is still scary sometimes, so I would appreciate prayers. God has been so good to us. My mama is such a trooper. :) Anyways, thanks in advance for the prayers, and I know she thanks you, too.

Have a great day!

Arlene said...

Oooh, I love Chadwicks! Are you going to post a picture of your pretty and "economical" dress? :o)

Anne said...

Kristi ~ I hope so too! When I checked back on Monday, the dress was gone! That wouldn't be good if they all didn't get it...

Thanks Michelle:o)

Tiff ~ I'll show you the dress;).

Melissa ~ Thanks for letting me know. I saw the pic you posted on your sight; your mom looks as good as ever! I'm praying for her!

Arlene ~ Hopefully!

Anne said...

Whoops! I'm supposed to be good in English...

Melissa, I meant "site", not "sight". Then I wonder why the high school kids just don't get it sometimes!