Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Just One Of Those Days!

Today was such a happy day, and it wasn't like there was anything spectacular about it :o). Here's a run down on some of the little happenings in my small world today...

  • I think, I think, one of my student's now knows the difference between a direct object and an indirect object. After spending 30 minutes with her this morning, it was such a joy to see it finally *click* for her:). I love those "a ha!"/lightbulb moments:D.
  • I noticed a ton of PACEs, goal cards, and tests that needed to be filed so I began working on the mountain, hoping to finish it before the students returned to class. I filed the last test just as the kids returned. Hooray! What timing :o).
  • Everyone passed their different tests today... the lowest grade was a 94%! That's always an encouragement to a teacher ;).
  • I enjoyed watching a vigorous game of four-square and hearing the happy laughter of teenagers during the lunch break... fun!
  • I was able to fill up my Toyota with gas for $16.25 ~ under $20.00! I was one happy girl...
  • Tiffany brought Dillon to the volleyball field during gym class and I got to get some good "Auntie" time in :o).
  • Gym class was fun and it was very satisfying to see the girls developing their skills.
  • Only 7 girls went to the varsity game today, so we carpooled down to Oley. What a nice time to chat with Tiffany... I was so busy playing catch up with her that I forgot we had some players in the van with us :o).
  • The girls played well today, despite the fact that we were missing 4 players ~ two went away to Oklahoma to a family camp and two had their wisdom teeth out on Friday, so we didn't want to risk a hit in the face (especially considering the one girl seems to be a magnet for a volleyball to slam off her face... no thank you! I don't want her to go through any more pain:D).
  • Tiffany and I shared different *driving* stories and laughed and laughed at our silly mistakes, and then told the two teenagers riding with us that we hoped we didn't scare them with our stories ;).
  • On the way home, we stopped at a dairy place for some homemade ice cream.... yum, yum!
  • This evening on visitation, as we went door to door, we were pleasantly surprised to find a few people that were Christians. Also at another door, once we told the lady we had been leaving some tracts on her door for the past few weeks, she replied with "Oh, so you're the ones." Bracing ourselves for a verbal barrage, we were shocked to hear her say that she took the tracts and passed them out to other people! Wow!!! That sure beats getting turned down again;).
  • I found out today that November 11th through the 19th just might find me in the small, northwestern town of Chesterton, Indiana :o) ... I am so excited at the possibility of seeing my "mid-west" family again! I only have two small obstacles to overcome (and I'm hoping Rachel will help me out with the one:D).

Maybe I should have warned you that my thoughts were zing-zing-zinging around everywhere tonight, but it truly was an enjoyable day! When the kids all have their homework done, sweet attitudes prevail, and people were challenged about their soul, then it is a blessed day indeed!


Tiffany said...

Dillon and I enjoyed the game and the conversation! (oh, and don't forget the ice cream - since Dillon seemed to at least get to enjoy it since you put some on his clothes and his finger!!!) :-D I like how you slip in the request to Rachel for help. hahahaha

Michelle said...

It seems that you had a very busy day yesterday! I'm glad so many good things happened to work out for you, Anne! When you see Jack and Kim and the kids, please give them hugs and kisses from all of us. Hope you have a great trip! Are you driving or flying?


Anonymous said...

Wow, so many good things happened in one day! That would keep me smiling for a while. I think God knows when we need days like that....

Happymama said...

Sounds like a big day that you had. I enjoyed reading about it. Gas is going down here too. I don't know how far it will go down and how long it will stay down, but right now it's about $1.95 a gallon. That's a blessing. I honestly didn't think we would see it below $2 every again.

And I liked that you used the word "barrage!" I've used that word several times and people never know what it means. Even my husband questioned me on it one day. LOL


Anne said...

Tiff ~ I only thought it was fair to *share* with him since he *shares* with me whenever I put him on my shoulder;)

Michelle ~ Drive, of course:D Remember the reason I have a little dilemma about getting to visit you guys?!? :)

Melissa ~ It's funny you say that b/c the next day seemed to go the exact opposite way! I guess I was getting buoyed up before the letdown;)

Kristi ~ Wow! $1.95. *Sigh* I'll have to let you know if we ever dip below $2.00. :)