Friday, November 17, 2006

It's Been Good, Part 2.

The Lord knows exactly what we need at each specific time, doesn't He??? The Lord knew I needed to come out to Empowered Youth 2006 at Fairhaven Baptist Church, and I do not regret for one second that I came out. There's no other way to describe it. I was able to hear 5 good messages (we missed the morning service on Tuesday) and the theme for the conference was "Lord, I'll Go Higher" referring to climbing a mountain spiritually. Although the messages were directed at the teenagers, I benefited from them greatly. Last evening the guest speaker, Bro. Castro (yes, just like the leader of a tiny island south of Florida... what a name!) was preaching on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and how the thought that Jesus could come back at any moment should cause us to live pure lives. "Jesus is coming... do you think you should __________ (fill in the blank)?" What a good message to think on as we all head back to our separate churches.

One thought that struck me is that I was blessed to come out here and now it's my responsibility to take what I learned and go back home and share it with those back there. So as we leave tomorrow night and prepare to slide in just in time for service Sunday morning, I go with a heart that is full and blessed. I am concerned about some things I see at home, but it's not my responsibility to make sure everyone makes right decisions. I just need to tell what the Lord has laid on my heart. It's been a good week and I pray the results will have an eternal impact.

You know, the one teenager said to me today, "I wish we were staying through Sunday so we could be in church." Wow. This coming from a lost girl who doesn't really like church can only go to show that God is working on her heart. She even wants to come back next year. So if you think of it, keep this 14-year-old-girl in prayer. If this conference brought her one step closer to salvation, then it was definitely worth it even more!

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Happymama said...

Anne, you're right about that being one step closer to this girl finding the Lord. It will be worth it all, won't it?