Sunday, December 17, 2006

Our Jerusalem And Judea.

The challenge was given; the goal was set. At first glance it seemed to be unattainable. The directions were few and the time limit was 40 minutes. The groups were divided and the session began. The two questions were then asked:

How do we get the Gospel to Pennsylvanians?


How do we get Pennsylvanians to the Gospel?

Go. Brainstorm. Shun no ideas. Let the juices flow. We need to reach
our state.

After our fall Bible Conference with Bro. Milton Martin, Pastor preached a message challenging us to pray for our state and to begin thinking of ways to reach our whole state. Today was the day that was set for us to have a brainstorming session during Sunday School.

The approach my Sunday School teacher took was to ask those two questions and then add "money is not an issue." Because he said that, my class was a little "outlandish" with ideas...
  • Buy a Super Bowl commercial spot
  • Place Scripture verses and on cereal boxes, milk cartons, and bowls
  • Billboards
  • In order to reach people groups like the Amish or prisoners, have a pen pal system set up
  • Take the handbells and minister all across the state
  • Have each class/table go blitz their specific area with tracts while having commercials on the local tv/radio station at the same time
  • Since we have State College to pray for (we're a college-age Sunday School class), go out there and hand out free food with Scripture labels on them
  • Have a pop-up window with an advertisement come up on web pages
  • Send forwarded text messages
  • Go throughout the state and place tracts/pamphlets/etc. at all the rest stops
  • Get an 18-wheeler tractor trailer with Scripture written all over it and head for traffic jams where all people do anyway is sit in traffic and read the sides of trucks (I thought this one was creative:D)
  • Offer discounted and/or free tickets to ski resorts, boating/hiking/fishing parks as long as the person would do a bible study
  • Put advertisements on buses, trains, and metros

The list really could go on and on; we're just praying that the right idea or ideas were mentioned and get tweaked. We have a wide array of people who live in our state, and the idea might not necessarily be "one size fits all". Praise God the Gospel does meet all needs and that the foot of the cross is level for all to come and bow the knee!


Anonymous said...

I don't know about that pop up advertisement idea. I mean, don't those just annoy most people (even me)? Just a thought.... :)

Anne said...

:) I agree with you Melissa. The point for the brainstorming session was to give any and all ideas... That way no one would feel like their idea was inferior or stupid:D
BTW, I had a blast from the past today when Dan Egan walked into school... boy, it was a long time since I had seen him. He's still floating around with the Navy:)

Anonymous said...

whoa, maybe I should pop in one day when I'm in town, that would be like from the ancient past. :) I think I saw Dan last year at my parents' church, or maybe it was Kevin. No, I definitely saw them both.....sorry, just talking to myself here. :)

Happymama said...

Amen to the cross, Anne!! Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the WORD of God. Get the gospel out and it will not return unto Him void! :)