Sunday, December 3, 2006

Umm, Yeah.

Just tell me what is wrong with this. I can't admit to finding this on my own, but # 3 commenter did. So for the low, low price of $599.95, you could be the proud, new, sweaty owner of this treat for it *only* weighs 84 pounds.

After checking out their website, I found this , this, and this . If you're trying to find Christmas gifts but aren't sure what to get, try some of these suggestions :o). Oh, and if you're having problems with squirrels on your bird feeder, then try this!

I just want to know who had time to think these things up!


Happymama said...

Those are hilarious!! I had to giggle as I envisioned a squirrel being gently flung away from the feeder. LOL That's funny. I have to admit though, the ipod jacket was pretty cool. :)


Anonymous said...

I think that tree is way awesome, it would solve a lot of space problems. Although it does seem a bit too unconventional for my nothing sacred anymore? LOL :) And I'm sorry, but the iPod jacket is just pathetic.....