Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Confession Time.


I must admit, I did not finish my English project Saturday, much to my great disappointment. The only bright spot in this bleak picture is that the goal was self-imposed (much like my blogging break!). My teacher (who also happens to be my co-worker:D) has a lot of sympathetic understanding thankfully:). I had two unavoidable problems in this "tragedy": #1 - The only time I can work on anything not work-related is on Saturdays. #2 - We were waiting for this lady to send us a huge packet of papers that was supposed to help me on the way with my project. Well, the packet came, but it was pretty much useless (I hope that didn't come across with an unthankful spirit... the information will be helpful down the road, just not right now:D).

I did get most of the project done... the only remaining "glitch" is that I need to pull it all together. The most frustrating part on Saturday was after I spent 7 hours working on it, I had a great visual in my head, but I just couldn't transfer it from my head to paper.


So sorry Abbi, no stories of great victory and triumph today over English! Eventually.... eventually:).

I do have two stories to share that happened this week that made me chuckle...

Monday morning I awoke to a world that was white... kinda. In my most humble opinion, I would venture a guess that we received somewhere between one quarter to one half inch of snow. Fluffy snow. Light snow. Not-the-kind-of-snow-that-calls-for-a-two-hour-delay snow. My shock was very evident as I stared at the computer screen and read the words over and over again: 2-hour delay. 2-hour delay. 2-hour delay.

Huh? For what?

Happy at the prospect of having a couple of unplanned hours to work in the office, I went in to work and actually accomplished something at my desk before 10:30 AM:op. As I was walking through the lunchroom at that time, I noticed a group of happy, chattering teenagers walking in from their bus. With calls of "Good morning Miss Hammond" one girl said, "Miss Hammond, did the whole school have a delay?"

Trying to keep my face from breaking into a huge grin I replied, "Oh no Eliza. Only the elementary was delayed. You're two hours late!"

The look on her face was priceless:oD

Tonight after church, my friend and I walked into the auditorium and as we did, I looked over at one of the preacher boys of the church and just started laughing. I kid you not, it looked like he was very confidently having a conversation... with himself. I totally missed the little earpiece he had in his ear because I was so fascinated with that fact he was comfortable asking and answering questions out loud with not a soul near him. Isn't technology great?!?!?

One more thing... if posting's a little sparse around here, don't be offended! My sister and nephew are visiting for two weeks so Mr. Bayley-boo just might get first dibs on my free time. Free time... oh, what a dream!!!


Tiffany said...

Happy 24th Birthday Anne!! Hope you had a great day with your family.

Happymama said...

Sorry you didn't finish your project. Thank the Lord for an understanding teacher.

I see it's your birthday. Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, ANNE!! I hope you had a wonderful day.