Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Cutie Quotes:o)

When my friend lived in South Africa for four years, she would often send me quick e-mails entitled "cutie quotes". They always contained a brief capture of a funny anecdote that one of her younger brothers did and I always walked away laughing:). This past Sunday I got to be in 2's & 3's in the morning and in the nursery at night, so I chuckled over the "cutie quotes" from the kiddos:

In one instance, Abbi's little boy Joey told a Knock, knock joke:
"Knock, knock.
Who's there?
(Said with a big grin) Hockey stick!
Hockey stick, who?
(Said with an even bigger grin) Animal crackers!"
(I have no idea what the connection was, but after he said that, our missionary's son went around telling "knock, knock" jokes;).

Another time I was asking for songs to sing when one little girl asked for "Rolled Away". As most of the kids got their arms moving in a "rolly" direction, I noticed Joey didn't. So I asked him where his rollers were and he said, "Oh, I forgot them! They're at home." He said it with such a serious face that I chuckled inwardly while saying "Well, don't forget to bring them tonight." With the same serious look, he said, 'Ok. I won't."
I'm teaching 2's & 3's on Wednesday nights during the month of January, so if you see any "cutie quotes", you'll know from where I'm getting my material! Kids are great:-).


Anonymous said...

Yes, kids are great. They do say the funniest things. :)


Abbi said...

What a stinko! So he is as much of a goofball and contrarian in Jr. Church as he is at home, I see?! I'm blushing to think of what else he has told the teachers down there! Thanks for doing a great job teaching our little cuties!

Anonymous said...

So that's where Abigail learned "Knock, Knock" jokes.

katina said...

How funny!

Abbi said...

Oh dear. My son is already strongly influencing his peers, in addition to being the class clown. We have our work cut out for us. :)