Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Eww... This Is Just Plain Gross.

Everyday at 12 sharp (ok, so maybe it's 11:59 or 12:01!), all the students stand by their desks and we have a word of prayer for lunch.

Very necessary!

After that, there's a mad dash to the lunch room and the fighting begins.

Over the microwaves.

You see, our students are blessed to have a fridge and microwaves to use for their lunches and they certainly uphold their end of the deal. So it's usually about 12:09 when I sit down to lunch, because I'm normally the last one to get to the lunchroom which also means I'm last in line. After warming up some rice Tuesday, I sat down at the girls table just in time to hear a story about mayonnaise.

Jen (not to be confused with redheaded Jen from a previous post:)) was the storyteller and her audience was unwilling yet captive listeners. So Jen begins...

A particular family loves mayonnaise but one day the jar is finally emptied. Saddened that they don't have any more mayonnaise, the family goes to bed but the next morning they find the jar refilled! So they joyfully eat the mayonnaise and declare it to be the best they have ever tasted. By the end of the day, the jar is empty again. But miracles do exist, and the next morning the family finds it full again. They gobble it all up and are determined to find out where it comes from, so the father says he will stay up that night and watch. The next morning the family breathlessly asks the father about the strange refillings of the mayonnaise. The father replies, "Last night around midnight a man walked in with zits all over his face and leans over the jar..."

Right about then, my fork hesitated in mid-air as the disgusting mental picture crept into my mind. Ewwww! To make matters worse, Rebekah chose that moment to begin talking about where rice comes from... "It's really maggots that have been frozen..." blah, blah, blah.

Um, I thought boys were supposed to be the disgusting ones! So today as I sat down at the table, one of the girls asked, "Miss Hammond, does jello come from crushed-up horse hooves?" Where do they come up with these things??? And why does it have to be at lunch time???

Tomorrow I'm going out to lunch with 4 co-workers to celebrate a birthday... hopefully the conversation does not revolve around mayonnaise and horse hooves:o) Don't forget to enjoy some mayonnaise!


Tiffany said...

That is gross! But actually I have heard the one about Jello, but I thought it was pigs not horses....maybe it is just a myth.

Tiffany said...

I just googled it and look what I found:

According to snopes it is TRUE!! You will have to tell that girl tomorrow at lunch. :-)

Abbi said...

Motherhood isn't for cowards either. At the beginning of dinner, Lily routinely asks us "what part of the animal the chicken/beef/pork/whatever we're eating came from?" The first few times it was OK, but now visualizing the animal body part at every meal is becoming unappetizing. :) Not to mention perplexing...what part of the cow does ground beef come from? And do I really want to know??