Wednesday, February 14, 2007

He's Bringing It In.

My Valentine gave me quite the gift today! It was completely unexpected, but I have found that He delights in the unexpected. He often comes up with an unique delivery and He even uses uncommon sources! His love for me never ceases to amaze me, although I stray from Him too often for my comfort. But each time I stray, He draws me back to Him. In short He is the epitome of faithfulness, love, and tender devotion. He has never failed me once and I am truly thankful for that.

So you ask, what was this special gift? Let me give you some background information...

Back in October, the Holy Spirit stirred my heart through the preaching of Bro. Milton Martin. In short, I was convicted about taking a missions trip this summer to Thailand. When Rachel told me she was going on a 5-month trip to the exact same place, I questioned the conviction and thought perhaps I wasn't to go. You see, the Lord had me examine my motives for going... ouch! After getting some priorities straight, I began to ask God questions via the Gideon-putting-out-the-fleece style.

  • Fleece # 1: God, if you want me to go, have my Pastor be in agreement. Pastor said yes.
  • Fleece # 2: God, if you want me to go, have Bro. Gaudet be in agreement. Bro. Gaudet said yes.
  • Fleece # 3: God, if you want me to go, provide $100.00 for my birthday. My sister gave me a check for $250 (but out of that came $100 for babysitting and $70 for my cell phone), my parents gave me $25, and my brother and sister-in-law gave me $30. Grand total: $125.00.

By this point, even though I'm a little blond:D, I figured the answer had to be GO. That's fine and all, but there my eye of sight was, desperately searching for something important to get me there: moolah.


And that was my special gift tonight from my Valentine. He has provided a little more for me to go through a friend. THANK YOU friend! On this day we celebrate love, I'm basking in the greatest love of all: that of my Saviour's.

One of my all time favorite quotes I've listed below...

"Depend upon it, God's work done in God's way will never lack supplies." ~ Hudson Taylor

It will never lack supplies! Oh the thought... oh the promise!

Happy Valentine's Day <3

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Katina said...

Praise the Lord, Anne! Glad you are sure of the Lord's direction on this matter! It looks like you'll be having fun eating "roti" soon enough! :)