Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Of Visits And Colds.

I have never known a night where I've experienced the same battle each week as a Tuesday night. Without fail, each Tuesday evening, just around oh, 6:15-6:30, the battle begins. The lines are drawn up and the sides are the divided. The big question of the evening is:

Do I go to Visitation tonight?

Now for all of you super-spiritual Christians out there, I know that this doesn't occur in your household, so I would suggest that you skip this post:o). But for those of you who struggle with your flesh (that would be me!!!!), then you might understand a little of what I'm trying to convey. You see, in my little heart, I *know* what I'm supposed to do. But in my little mind, I *want* to do something else. I could probably find 37 things that need my attention immediately that must be done on a Tuesday night. After all (I justify in my flesh), every other night is occupied with something of utmost importance that simply cannot be changed at all, so therefore I must give up going to Visitation on Tuesday night in order to do _________ (blank).


My lack of logic really astounds me.

Tonight (as you've probably guessed already!) was no different. But this time I really had a *justifiable* excuse!!!!

I have a cold.

Yes, I will cheerfully accept all sympathy and if you want to donate to the Anne has a cold fund, please send cash, check, and/or money orders to...............


But isn't it true??? I will gladly bear my burden of sickness and go to a family function or shopping or whatever, but as soon as the word "church" is mentioned, the moaning and complaining begins and my very red nose suddenly needs to have a Puffs on hand to pamper it and I absolutely cannot go to church because I might sneeze and someone might die!!!


I'm not trying to be noble in saying that I went on Visitation tonight because that is not always the case! But go to Visitation I did, and I was the one who received the blessing. After the visit was over, my friend/Visitation partner and I were talking about how we both didn't want to go tonight (our reasons were different) and how we almost missed a blessing.

Which got me thinking (I hear those uh-ohs!). The devil knows exactly what I struggle with and will hone in on perfecting his traps. And wouldn't you know, I fall for them time and time again!

I've heard it said before that if your flesh disagrees with ____________ (blank), then that's a good indication that you better go do it. My flesh really disagreed with going tonight, but I'm sure glad I did.

Oh, and I still have a cold, so don't let me stop you from donating towards the fund:o).


Katina said...

I completely understand...I'm glad you did the right thing and I hope you feel better soon!!! :)

Happymama said...

Yep! I knew it, Anne. You're HUMAN! :)


Rachel Marie said...

So sorry you've not been feeling well lately...! I'm sure you did the right thing, though... :-)