Saturday, March 3, 2007

A Blurb:o).

Ultimate Blog Party

I've just been meandering around and visiting different places and noticed this on a few blogs so I figured it wouldn't hurt to put up a little blurb about myself:o) I actually started blogging as a result of wanting to comment on a friend's blog, and I've been doing it ever since! I don't think I've ever done an "about me" post, so now is just as good of time as any!

Let's see, I'm a 24-year-old single Christian girl who just celebrated being saved for 9 years! My life revolves around God thankfully. Many times my family wonders at the time I spend at church or doing things related to church, but I think that that's just a natural result of wanting to draw closer to God and be around those who want to follow Him too!

From kindergarten until 8th grade I was in public school, but for my high school career, my parents put me in a Christian school and I'm so glad they did! I graduated in June 2001, and started up with Bible Institute in the fall:o). I worked at the local grocery store for 2 years before calling it quits (as a result of the rock music being played over the speakers) and was jobless for a month before I was asked to work in the church office. I've been doing that ever since, plus working in the very school from which I graduated:o). Most people hate their job, but I find mine very pleasurable and fun. The only thing I miss being able to do is witness to my co-workers:o).

I'm constantly taking trips here or there, and have a strong bent towards mission trips. The next trip God has opened for me will be to Thailand during this summer. He has been most faithful in providing in various ways for this trip, including an unexpected babysitting job tonight!

When I do have spare time, I enjoy taking walks, reading, and scrap booking. I managed to do two of those three things today, as this was a nice day without any major plans (which is quite a feat, let me tell you!).

So there you have it, in a nutshell. Or, maybe I should say in a blog post! I enjoy life so much since it has been given to me by the Creator of Life... each day is a new opportunity to take time to count your blessings and praise the Lord!


Susan said...

How exciting that you're celebrating 9 years!! That's a blessing.

Glad you stopped by my blog. I hope you'll come back again.

:-) Susan

Overwhelmed! said...

It's nice to meet you! :) How exciting that you're going to Thailand this summer. I hope you really enjoy that trip!

Pamela said...

Annie, it is delightful to meet you! I love your passion for God and find your writing very inspiring! Nice that you wanted to comment on your friend's blog that one day, because here you are! :)

Praying for your Prodigal said...

So glad you joined the party.....AND the Family of God! It is always exciting, and even heaven rejoices.....when someone has a passion for Jesus!

It sounds like that trip to Thailand is going to be quite an adventure! I'll have to bookmark your blog and return to read all about it! Enjoy!

I'm so with you on enjoying walks and reading...haven't gotten into scrap booking yet--however, I should as I have tubs and tubs (the plastic kind from Target) filled with photos of our children growing up! Need to gt those organized! Maybe in retirement!

Happy partying!


Anonymous said...

Hi There, so nice to meet you. Welcome to the party. You have a lovely place here. Swing by mine for food, fun, and maybe even a giggle or two. There is also a contest but ya better hurry, it ends at Noon tomorrow. Party On!

Anonymous said...

So nice to meet you, Anne. :) Glad to hear about your passion for loving God, and missions. Your trip to Thailand sounds exciting!
Thanks for stopping by my side of the blog world. Happy Partying to you!

Leslie said...

Nice to meet you!
I love the Czech Republic. I've been to Prague three times and have another trip coming up in May!
I can't wait!

Kaylene said...

hello! I hopped over from Rachel Marie's site. I read in your profile that you like Steve Pettit's music. A friend just recently introduced me to his music. I ABSOLUTELY love it! In fact its whats playing as background music on my blog!

Anyways, just thought I'd drop a note and say "hi"! I've enjoyed reading your blog. May you continue drawing closer to God, and as you celebrate 9 years of living for Him, may I say/sing, "and MANY more!!!"

Jaime H. said...

Nice to meet you! I'm single, 32, and have gone on mission trips as well, and loved them!

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Hi Anne!

So nice to meet you. That was so encouraging to know you are the youngest of five - and what a beautiful, mature young woman you are. Our youngest is truly the icing on our family cake - sweet sweet sweet! I hope to get to know you more - you can give me pointers on how to be a better mom to our crew!

Sara said...

Hallooo! I started blogging in the same way - a reply to someone else... Never looked back and seriously enjoy it. Just dropping in from the party and wanted to say HALLOOO!

kailani said...

Just wanted to stop by the party and say Hi. It's nice to meet you!

When you get a chance, please stop by and check out my photo contest and daily book giveaway.


Marcie said...

Hi Anne!

Glad to meet you :) I also have a great passion for missions and I tell ya, it's had for me to understand why all Christians don't!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was a little behind...just posted my party post this morning. Oh well.

Happy Party Hopping!


Ribbon Rock Star said...

Welcome to the party! So nice to "meet" you!


lizzykristine said...

Hi! It does sound like we have some things in common, so thanks for stopping by! I'll look forward to reading your blog more.

I am coming up on my 16th "second birth"day. He's so good!

Sarah Hodsdon said...

Just making the rounds! Thank you for posting your link- I just love your site.

Monkey Giggles said...

Swinging in for the party. Nice to meet ya.

My 3rd party give away has started. Come on over when ya get a chance.


Andrea said...

Oh, it was so nice to hear about you. You sound like a very positive person and you sound like you really count your blessings. Nice to "meet' You!