Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Umm, About Me Talking Lord...

Someone, anyone, remind me next time that there is no such thing as an "ehh" week. Please?!? At the tail end of last week, no less then three people asked me how my week was and I replied, "Umm... ok, I suppose. It's not been good or bad, just kinda ehh - in the middle. I'm not sure why it was like that, so I'm really looking forward to next week."


Open mouth, insert foot.

This week has definitely not been an "ehh" week already. I feel like all I've done is spin my wheels as I've tried to climb my way out of a hole that gets deeper and deeper moment by moment. I've had schedules to keep (and break!), classes to teach (and take!), phone calls to answer (and make!), faxes to send (and send again and again...!), projects to finish (and neglect!), notes to write (and receive!), and Bible studies to mail (and to pile up on my desk until it looks like a colorful paper bomb exploded over every inch of desktop!). It's that last one I'm most bothered about because these studies have been sitting in my inbox for almost a week and I finished only a quarter of it tonight just before Visitation. But then I stop to think about the people who I get to minister to through the Bible Studies. It's like having someone come to me and ask about the Gospel and I'm the one who has the privilege to mail the studies back to these seeking souls.

But the thing that really brought the point home to me was when I saw a Bible Study Request come in as a result of this lady viewing the good person test. Here her address was ___________, Indiana which just happens to be the next town over from my brother and sister-in-law. I was encouraged to find out that they are being faithful in witnessing (I am assuming here that this lady got a card from my brother and went to check out the link) and that this lady is interested enough to ask for a Bible Study!

Suddenly my wheels aren't spinning as much. I still go about my work, but not at the frantic, fast-paced speed I was doing just hours before. I realize I can't gauge my state of mind based on the amount of work that does or doesn't get done (which is a lesson my little organized heart needs to learn often), but it needs to be based on what matters: faithfully doing what the Master has asked, no, expects me to do.

After all, it's just reasonable for me to do it. And not surprising, my heart is lighter and my head is happier...
"I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service."
~Romans 12:1~


Happymama said...

Have you ever heard Greg Locke preach? He was on his way to becoming a rap star when he got into trouble for the last time and was sent to a Christian boy's home. Anyway, he preaches a message on our reasonable service taken from this verse. It is so good!

I think we all get ourselves into these ruts. Thanks for this post and reminding us that it is our reasonable service to do what is expected of us.


Susanne said...

Hi, stopping by from the blog party. Great post!

Anne said...

Kristi ~ I haven't... but this is such a good verse to consider:o)

Suzanne ~ Thanks for visiting!