Friday, May 25, 2007

It's Been Good.

I was happy, yet sad, to see this week finish up. Unofficially, today was the last day of school for EBA. (Officially, we have two students coming in next week to finish up their schoolwork.) The excitement mounted with each passing day, kinda like an orchestra building up to a dramatic part of the music... and then, the ending. Monday the kids were in "school" mode... but by Wednesday the "last" classes were done and the students knew party time was coming! Thursday morning all the students took at least one test and everyone passed ~ with a 85% or higher; mostly higher! A little motivation goes a looooong way;o).

Today we took the whole school on a picnic to a park up the road and they had such a good time... I did too: watching the boys play baseball; hearing the girls cheer them on; seeing the little ones excitedly race to the playground; spending time with some girls playing volleyball while we suffered in the humidity and on a sand court too!

Then, at the end of the day, some of the girls and I took down the Learning Center one last time and set it up for Sunday School. That's the way it's going to stay most of the summer... with the exception of graduation, fellowships, and VBS:o).

I don't know where my brain went, but I was just happily traipsing along, going about my schedule, when I realized that the school year was almost over! Three senior boys will no longer walk down the hallways of the school as students; will no longer run out back to play basketball during break; will no longer be a "Knight" playing on the soccer and basketball teams. Three younger girls will not be back next year as their parents have decided to do something else for their education. There will be no more sitting and chatting with them at break; no more lunchroom laughter and pranks; no more giggles and whispers.

This year has been a good year... one I'm sorry to see end. At the beginning of the year uniforms were issued and it was one of the best choices the school could have made. Suddenly there were no questionable articles of clothing. The choice of "what to wear?" in the morning was made easy with four shirts to chose from and tan and black for a bottom. The first day of school I did a double-take as I said to two boys, "Wow! You guys match!" But I got used to it in a hurry as did everyone else. And the students did look sharp when they went to the nursing home to minister... when they went on a field trip... when they went to Competition in Illinois....everyone wearing the same shirt and bottom. Seeing a sea of maroon and tan every Tuesday was very impressive! Yes, it's been a good year!

I mentioned to a student the other day that by the time I come back from Thailand, it will soon be time to start school again. The student replied, "No don't say that! I want to enjoy my summer!" I think she will, but it won't be too long before the doors are open, the students are back, and the hallways are filled with laughter and talking. But that's 3 months away... a lifetime for a student:o).

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Happymama said...

We wore uniforms to my Christian school too. There are more "pros" to uniforms than "cons." I'd elaborate, but I'm sure you've seen the effects.

A lot of the public schools here in NC are going to uniforms too.