Saturday, June 2, 2007

It's Done.

The food is in the fridge for the celebration, the family is in, and the school work for graduation is done! Since it's been a hectic week, I figured a couple of more minutes crammed into this day won't hurt;o).

This day was always a far-off distant dream for me, but I'm glad to report it's been worth it all. All those late nights of studying.... all those hours of cramming... all those long reports for Eschatology, Minor & Major Prophets... all the frustrations of trying to learn everything in the Baptist History book (300 pages long... good thing the final was "open book"; finding the answer in those pages was the hard part!)... all the charts, presentations, and projects for various classes are turned in... Philosophy of Education (my first education class and I don't mind telling you it was the most boring one!) with all of the cassette tapes Rachel and I listened to on the front porch of church... the summer courses I took to get done on time... all the finals that had me reviewing the previous 10 weeks of material..."the" big English Project...

It's all DONE.

And I'm glad!

Graduating from Lehigh Valley Baptist Bible Institute is (to me!) a wonderful opportunity that the Lord has given to me. Jen B. and I are the first girls to graduate from LVBBI (Jen gets credit for being the first girl:D) and I'm glad I've taken the road "less traveled" and have reached this point.

So goodnight all.... today's graduation day!!!!


Anonymous said...

**Congratulations Anne** for finishing all those finals! It's a great feeling to perserve through those and reach the end - now you can celebrate! Have a fantastic Graduation Day :-)

Anonymous said...

Me again could'nt let that spelling mistake go...whoops!
I meant you have shown perseverance:-)