Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The 4th!

We celebrated the 4th of July in a little bit of an unconvential way today:o). Rather than seeing American flags line Main Street and hear shouts of excitement from little kiddos, we had a very low-key celebration by going to the office and working for several hours:o). But all of us were patriotic in that we either wore red, white, or blue (that was a blond statement on my part!). The Lord gave me a special blessing today in answer to prayer. I had asked the Lord to allow me to see an American flag today and would you believe it if I tell you He did answer my prayer??? I was logging a video today and as I watched, the US Capitol came into view and what was grandly waving on the flagpole?!? An American flag. No one can ever tell me that God does not hear our smallest petitions. He knew my heart and how I truly enjoy this special day for all Americans and He provided me the desires of my heart! What a mighty God!

Before I came over here a month ago (can you believe it's a month already?), I stopped at the grocery store a week before my trip and picked up the banner to the left. When I got here, I stuck it in a drawer with the expectation of hanging it up on the first day of July. Well, when April and I came home for lunch today, I noticed that the bathroom soap was empty so I went to get a new one and saw the banner in the drawer:o). I kinda forgot about it but at least it made it onto the wall on the 4th! Plus it added some more color to our rather color-less walls:o).

Being here in a foreign country has definitely made me appreciate America and the principles on which she was founded. Although America is headed in a direction away from God, I am thankful for America. As you enjoy your bar-b-ques, fireworks, games, and parades, I'll be tucked away in my bed, but still thankful to be an American ~ even if I am halfway around the world!!! Happy 4th of July!