Saturday, July 21, 2007

Another Bangkok Experience.

Today we decided to go to the Grand Palace. We really haven't been doing too much "tourist-y" stuff and Pookie realized yesterday that I only have 24 more days here (*sniff, sniff* - this is not a good thing!). So off we went - by taxi, sky train, and by boat! It was an enjoyable day spending time with Psalm and Pookie and we even managed to talk Sokchea into going with us too since he's been working non-stop since he got here last Tuesday evening. He's anxious to get home to his family, but I'm pretty sure he enjoyed the day too:o).

The Grand Palace shows in the most visual way the emptyness... the facade... the hopelessness... the plight... of what Thailand is in. While I enjoyed experiencing more of Bangkok, what we saw today is the exact opposite of what Christ has done and it's enough to make you weep over the souls that are lost and heading to a Christless eternity. As you experience a little of the Grand Palace below, would you take a moment and pray?

Pookie and I at the office before heading out for the day!

The signs around Bangkok are absolutely hillarious at times! In addition to this one, I saw one today that said, "Sedruced Apartments For Rent". .. I think they meant "reduced":o).

Some of the scenery we saw while we took a taxi-boat to the Grand Palace.

On the boat! It was a little windy:o).

Right before I saw this sign, someone came up to me and asked, "Do you want a guyie who speaks English?" He really meant guide but it came out sounding like I needed an English speaking guy! Pookie about keeled over right there from laughing so hard!


Nice sky, huh?:o)

Just hangin' out!

Who will go and tell?
In front of the Grand Palace.

Wow... who thinks of this stuff?

Pookie on the sky train "stuck" between two women who were part of a rather loud, obnoxious group (whom I'm rather glad to say weren't Americans!). The kids in the group apparently thought that the bars hanging from the ceiling of the boat and sky train were put there for the express purpose of doing pull-ups.... um no!

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Abbi said...

Looks fun and sobering, at the same time. I've been in those situations, too, and you just don't know what your feelings are at the time.

I'm so glad you are having a good time, but we sure can't wait until you come back to us!!