Tuesday, August 7, 2007

200th Post:o).

What better way to mark my 200th post than with pictures?!?! (Ok, and a few words:D). We've been away from home since early, early, early Thursday morning (like up at 2 AM early!) and we made it home, safe and sound, tonight! We had several reasons for taking this trip, including a visa-renewal for me, but I was sooo glad to get away from the office, computers, phones and all that good stuff and enjoy north-eastern Thailand and Laos! But now we're back home, ready to work. Except I leave a week from Wednesday, which really doesn't give me much time left in Thailand. So until I can form a more intelligible post, this is going to have to do!

~ Purses - how does a girl choose? ~

~ Tabby - a sweet 2 year old girl - and I ~

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Happymama said...

Tabby is a doll. And if you can't choose a purse, get them all. HA! Just kidding. But they are very lovely. I love those pink ones to the right.