Monday, September 3, 2007

An Enjoyable Day:o).

What a lovely weekend! LVBC had "Dinner on the Grounds" on Sunday, so that meant morning service, lunch, afternoon service, and outdoor activities all tumbled one after another:o). I have no pictures to post since I was happily play about 10 games of volleyball! I was just catching up from the volleyball-less summer;o). After we finished the last game, several of us went over to a friends' house where we ate some more and played some more games too:o). Let's just say it was a looong day.

I had plans to go to work today, but then the thought occurred to me that today is Labor Day (girl talk has a good post on that!), so I decided to go for a nice drive. Have you ever taken those polls that said, "If you have a free day, what would you do?". Without fail, I'll answer that with "take a nice long drive!":o)... so that's what I did. My first thought was to go to Gettysburg and combine a nice long drive with another one of my favorite things to do (yeah, I'm the type of person that jumps at an opportunity to do something educational on a trip... strange, I know!), but I woke up too late. Then I thought about going to Ricketts Glen State Park, but decided I just didn't want to go hiking today... that's more of a "fall" activity to do anyway! So in the end, I chose to go out to Lancaster County and enjoy the ride, the peace and quiet, and God's Creation!

The first place I stopped was a flea market... I hadn't been to this particular one in years (my dad used to take us kids to flea markets all the time when we were younger:D). Even though it was a holiday, there were still some goodies I found!

Next I stopped at a yard sale and while I didn't find anything here, I did discover a gorgeous stone house that must've been built in the 1800s! So the extra stop was worth it;o).

Right about the time I heard my stomach rumble was the same time I saw a sign for a county park! One very enjoyable lunch later, and I continued on with my day!

Tiffany and I had been out to Lancaster County last year and stopped here, and amazingly enough I found this place again! It has a petting zoo, a beautiful pond, and of course a country store:o).

A common sight in Lancaster...

An Amish house to the left and the country store to the right... isn't it pretty?!?

What a beautiful resting stop!

Two floors of country stuff! Thankfully I had a budget for the day and spent one dollar here... on homemade ice cream;o).

Another unexpected find... country stores seem to abound in this part!

I've been wanting to stop in to visit Kitchen Kettle Village for some time now and today was the day I finally did it! Personally I thought it was just one big tourist trap... I can understand people from PA visiting, but to drive there from New Jersey, Ohio, or Connecticut probably wouldn't be worth it:o).

My final stop of the day was here at Ritas! Someone had given me a gift certificate for Ritas as a welcome home gift, and today I got to use it:o). What a delightful way to end an enjoyable day!


Happymama said...

That was a fun post to read. I loved all the pictures.

Hope you're getting back into the routine of things.


Melissa said...

I love Rita's, and all your PA pictures made me miss home! But it is a good kind of missing.....well, sort of....whatever. :) Glad you got to have such a nice day!

Tiffany said...

Ice cream AND Rita's?!? Hahahaha
If I remember correctly that Kitchen Kettle Village is a place we drove by on our way home...right? Well that is if you can say we were on our way home since we didn't know where we were.....

Emily said...

AHHH!! RITA'S CLOSES IN 2 DAYS! :( *cries quietly* i've never been to lancaster... it looks pretty