Thursday, September 6, 2007

From The Court...

Today my volleyball team played their first game, and as the sets were even (we won two and the other team won two), I called a time out with the score 14-9. I was trying to break the other team's serve so that the game could be over and we all go home. I knew my girls were ready to be done and the score was oh so close. As the team huddled around, I encouraged them to do three hits and to nail the third hit into a hole on the other team's side and just end the game! As we talked and I gave pointers to the girls, one senior piped up: "You know, it would be funny if she served the ball in the net!" I laughed and replied, "Well, God has a sense of humor!"

Would you believe it, that's exactly what happened!!! After all of the planning, scheming, and plotting, in the end it had nothing to do with our team strength for that last point... the other team just had a bad serve. We ended up winning the game, but the Lord taught me a lesson, even in the midst of coaching a game. It doesn't matter how much planning I do to make things "just right"; God's plan is so much bigger and all the scheming in the world won't make up for His perfect plan. It's funny, but I don't often consider the volleyball court as a place to learn a lesson. Today I did though!


For all of you former EBAers, I think you would be impressed that the EBA volleyball team is having a winning season!!!!


Never mind the fact we've only played one game. We play Valley Forge on Monday, so we shall see if it continues on... yay Knights!


Tiffany said...

Good job girls! (And Anne for coaching!) I can't wait to go to your game on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Back in my day (3 years ago) we weren't known as EBA anything... especially since we didn't recognize "pilgrim" ...knights??? when did that happen!? -Kay

Oh yeah, and congrats on the win!!!

Anne said...

Heehee... we became known as the "Knights" last year after being the "pilgrims" for about 15 years:o).

Anonymous said...

ok ok... i hopped the bandwagon.

Abbi said...

Actually, our "pilgrimage" extends much farther than that. We had been "known" as the pilgrims as far back as 1983, with the very first kindergarten class. I only wish I wore red & white long enough to see the day that we traded in our mascot for the knights. :)

And Kaysha, if you think the pilgrims were bad in your day, you should have seen the original emblem. 'Twas a lovely sight to behold. :) I think the shield emblem came about when I was jr. high/high school-ish.

I'm glad the Lady Knights are starting a winning season!!