Friday, September 28, 2007


I started my day off in the dentist's office so that should tip you off right away as to how my day went:o). I thought for sure my dentist would be impressed with the fact that my wisdom teeth finally got removed this past summer in Thailand (he's been after me for at least 7 years), but he only said, "Why didn't they take out the fourth one???"

After that lovely visit (thankfully I won't be back for another 6 months... I do not like the dentist's office at ALL), I raced over to school where I was met by a person who was frowning at me... "uh oh" pretty much sums it up.

By 11 AM I was ready to crawl into bed for good, but the day was just beginning! Even though my volleyball team was playing a game today, I just wasn't looking forward to it at all and it didn't help that the team we were playing was one of the best (Fairless Hills for those of you who remember them!). The other team came early and the rain that was supposed to come earlier actually came later so it was bad timing. Every time we were planning to start the game (we play outside), the wind would kick up and the raindrops would begin to fall. We finally played but that's another story.

After the game I took two students home. I was so ready to finish at the day and just be at home for the evening. I dropped the kids off and waited. And waited some more. I finally called the babysitter three times, to no avail. I then called their dad, who told me the babysitter left for her sister's house about 1/2 hour before I called. Figures! So he asked if I would run over to the restaurant where he works and grab the keys to unlock the door. I did run over and back, hoping the little ordeal would soon be over.

Fat chance.

The key went into the lock but wouldn't budge. I tried several times and then the boy tried too. He was finally able to turn the key in the lock, but was unable to unlock it (you know, that part is always nice!). So I went back to try it again and the next thing I knew, I was holding half a key in my hand... the other half was stuck in the lock.

(Right about now my sense of humor kicked in and I began to smile and think, "Haha. Now what am I going to do?")

After double-checking the fact that the key really was broke (yup, it wasn't a figment of my very poor imagination), the boy suggested he crawl through the window that was open. (I thought about Maria from the Sound of Music when she said, "When God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window." Maybe not totally accurate, but it sure did fit the situation!). So his sister and I hoisted him up the side of the wall, and he went through the window that was open wide enough for him to fit.

I finally came home, two hours after the game was over and I was only 15 minutes away from home the whole time. I came in and noticed our kitchen wall clock was crooked so I went to fix it and it fell down. Wow!

As I thought about my day, the Lord reminded me of the chapel message a missionary to Thailand (Bro. Lange) preached the other day regarding the ten lepers that were healed. All the lepers were healed, and yet only one returned to Jesus to give thanks. Bro. Lange challenged the young people to have an attitude of "thanks-living" and be thankful in everything.

So I am thankful... thankful this day is over:o). Seriously though, if this is the worst thing that's going to happen to me, then I think I'm doing ok!


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Abigail said...

Hello Anne! I am so sorry that you had such a bad day. We all get those every once and awhile.
It reminded me of a message our own Pastor preached last Wednesday, about giving thanks in every situation for everything. That it is the character of Christians to be thankful and that God wants us to be thankful. Because anything that comes into our lives, God allows. Whether it be to strengthen our faith, to learn to just trust Him, or to maybe teach us a few lessons about ourselves, our character, the way we handle things. Good post. I hope that today holds some better things.