Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stay In The Castle.

Chantel wrote a good post regarding this book, "Stay In The Castle". I was just 16 years old when I first read it, but it impacted my young life greatly. The story is about a young maiden who wishes to find her Prince but was given an earnest warning from her father, the King: Stay in the castle! In other words, don't go wandering around outside the castle, trying to find what you think would work for you. If you do, you will miss the special man that God has waiting for you.

From the day I put the book down, I determined I was going to wait for the Lord to bring my Prince along. It's been 8 years since I've read that book, and I've seen many a friend and relative get married. Just because time has elapsed doesn't mean the command from my King is any less important. I've posted this quote on here before, but it's one of my favorites:

"Wait for God's time to bring it round and He will do it without any heartbreak or disappointment."

~Oswald Chambers~

Just recently I heard about someone I knew long ago who had the same desire that I have, but then impatience got in the way. Now that person is married, but it's not the best situation. My heart broke when I heard that story because patience did not have her perfect work!

I've pondered all my years since I read that book and realized it's not been a bad wait at all, but lest I was tempted to "throw the towel in", I was reminded as to why I'm waiting! I would rather remain single all of my days and be in the center of God's Will than to marry outside of God's Will. There is no safety in stepping outside of God's plan and Chantel's post and the story I heard were good reminders of that.

And so, I stay in the castle. To the ridicule of some and the sympathy of others, I wait. Only God truly knows my heart's desire, so I wait. Because the dangers of stepping outside of the castle are not worth it.


Kate said...

wonderful post. Thankyou!

Happymama said...

Great post, Anne. We have that booklet, Stay In The Castle. Justin has read it and Hannah will be reading it before long.


Melissa said...

That is a very good post. Even though I got married young, I'm sure waiting for the right one is definitely worth it!! :)

Mary said...

Just so you know, I have no sympathy (your position on this matter does not merit sympathy), and certainly no ridicule for such a fine young lady as yourself. I admire you. And who ever your prince is, and whenever he comes, he will certainly know that he has finally found his princess! (I've never heard of this book, but am thinking I'd like to read it - even if I've been married for 27 years!)

Anonymous said...

What if you're wrong?

Anne said...

Anonymous ~ If I'm wrong, then I'm wrong:o). In eternity, it really won't matter.

But I do have to say I'm confident that God is right... who cares if I am?!?!