Thursday, November 15, 2007

Faith Like Rahab.

Tonight the single girls group met with my pastor's wife to have a Bible Study on Rahab. I was so blessed by the study, that I thought I would share with the rest of you (and for those girls who were at the study, you can just skip over this post if you want:o)).


Some background

- Rahab lived in a successful financial section of Jericho.
- Jericho was a large city with many visitors constantly coming and going.
-Rahab's house was the only one left standing when Jericho's wall came tumbling down.
- Rahab was a Gentile harl-t, but she wound up in a place where every Jewish mother wanted to be: in the Messiah's lineage.
- Sarah and Rahab are listed in Hebrews 11 (the only women!) as examples of great faith.
- Tamar, Rahab, and Ruth were all in the lineage of Jesus. These women had reputations of ill repute, yet God offers them as a testimony of forgiveness and a changed life.


Some lessons learned (these lessons were a compilation from all the girls and my pastor's wife)

#1 ~ Rahab's statement of faith was made based on what she heard, not on what she saw.

#2 ~ Rahab told all her family members about the promise of sparing their lives if they entered and stayed in her house.

#3 ~ Rahab's one action of faith (which seemed so small) affected so many people, including you and me!

#4 ~ Ordinary events of day to day life will have a deep impact someday.

#5 ~ Rahab was ready at a moment; she was prepared to give an answer to those who questioned her.

#6 ~ Rahab was trustworthy. When questioned where the spies went, she told the questioners that they went to the mountains, and they believed her without doubting!

#7 ~ Rahab's faith was immediate in that she let down the scarlet rope immediately after the spies left her house.

#8 ~ Rahab wasn't in the best of circumstances, but she still made the right choice.

#9 ~ Rahab had to sustain her own faith because it was a while before the spies (with the rest of the nation of Israel!!) came back. While the Israelites marched around the walls of Jericho, Rahab and her family stayed inside and waited. and waited. and waited, not knowing when the Israelites would attack.

#10 ~ God's mercy is extended to all.

#11 ~ There's nothing that your or I have done that is so awful it can separate us from God's love.

#12 ~ God is looking to us to spread His Word.

#13 ~ God must prepare a person's heart to receive His Word.

#14 ~ We need to be concerned about the salvation of others.

#15 ~ Rahab was the only one in Jericho who turned her back on her gods and received the One True God.

#16 ~ Our faith is revealed by our actions.

#17 ~ Nothing is impossible with God!

#18 ~ My choices determine my eternal destiny.

#19 ~ All sin is equal in the eyes of God.


Abbi said...

Great truths...thanks for sharing. I especially appreciated the one about how they waited and waited not knowing when things were going to happen. Interesting...

Jessica said...

That was really good! :)

Melissa said...

Very good thoughts, we had a study on her last month at our ladies' group. It's amazing what God can do through those whom the world deems unfit.

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