Friday, February 29, 2008

Free Postage!

The other day I received an envelope in the mail from the Colonial Williamsburg Society asking me to blah, blah, blah. Now the only reason that I receive anything from CWS is because 7 years ago my class and I decided to go there for our senior trip, and I was the type of person that likes to plan trips out (hmm, not much has changed in 7 years!). Over the last 7 years, I've received plenty of envelopes from CWS, and they usually include note cards and personal labels. Since my name is spelled wrong on the labels, I don't use those (plus I have gads of free ones from other companies:o)), but I do use the note cards.

So the other evening I sat down to write to some of the missionary wives from my church by using the (free!) note cards. I then stuck them in the missionaries' mail boxes in the church office, where they will be slipped into an airmail priority envelope (that the church is going to send anyway with all their mail!), so I didn't have to pay $2.70 in mail three little envelopes.

So not only did I have an opportunity to write to the ladies who are faithfully serving the Lord on the field, but I was able to do it very frugally too!


Jennifer said...

What a great encouragement to always look for the good in everything and always be frugal. You seem very good at those two things!

Happymama said...

Hey, the postage doesn't sound like all that much, but you know, when you're doing something for missionaries, God will BLESS the effort!!!