Saturday, February 2, 2008

Well I Had A Lovely Day.

I had such a lovely birthday on Friday!!! Between phone calls, IMs, lunch with the staff at the local Mexican place, dinner with my mom, and Tiffany dedicating a blog post to me:o), I was in a continual state of being wished "Happy Birthday"! But while my 25th was absolutely wonderful, Esmerelda's was not. Esmerelda was a gift on my 24th birthday from a sweet, but slightly misguided, friend and co-worker, and had a very dismal first birthday being dead:

You see, I am a plant killer.

Whew! I feel better now that I've confessed. (And by the way, a lot of things get named around my place of employment ~ don't even ask who Deliah or Hans are! Or who the pillow person is.).

If you look closely, you'll see the words "This is a flower, I promise" on the yellow piece of paper. You know it's bad when we have to identify what the object is.

The one consolation I have is this. Esmerelda was brought back to the land of plant-ness by another co-worker while I was in Thailand, and I've been told that mums die in the winter. So we'll see if Esmerelda makes her grand re-entry.

In the meanwhile, meet Murdock:

Do you see how vibrant and full of life he is right now? Another misguided soul placed Murdock in my office this week. Of course he was without a name, so Emily and I had to name him. We are so humane... at least we name the plants before we kill them! Enjoy that color and life on him, because his clock is slowly ticking to his doom.

And it really won't be my fault:o).


This evening was a Father/Daughter Banquet for the girls in the youth group, so another single girl and I spent several hours decorating for the grand event:

Why is it that it takes 4 hours to set everything up, and 20 minutes to take it down??? Ah well, the girls looked so pretty and I'm sure it will be a lasting memory!

Have a great Sunday!


Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday, Anne! I hope you have a blessed year and love being 25! For fun, I tagged you on my blog ... ! :->

Tiffany said...

Not only do you name things around there, but from what I remember the things that aren't named are at least assigned a gender.... weird people! hahaha

I saw Rachel's picture from the banquet - do you have any more?

Anne said...

Thank you Elizabeth... and thanks for tagging me;o).

Tiff ~ Katie S. has a bunch of pics on her space... I was too busy decorating to take too many pics;o).