Friday, April 4, 2008

75 Years Of Wedded Bliss... And Some Snores.

I have a friend in Fort Worth, Texas who sent me the following link:

After 75 years of marriage, Fort Worth couple died 5 hours apart.

That this couple even made it to 75 years of marriage is pretty amazing. My grandparents made it to just over their 40th before my grandmother passed away, so 75 is quite the feat. I would want my marriage to be like that.

Speaking of which.

No, I'm not getting married (to clear that up for all you cheerleaders on my behalf:o)), but I do have a funny story to share from last evening's single girls Bible Study. My pastor's wife asked for any prayer requests or praises, and another girl and I immediately started speaking at the same time. We had done it earlier in the study too, so we just laughed and said that we think alike because we roomed together last week on the Illinois trip.


I was about to share my praise, when my friend "S" began to talk about all my night-time habits of snoring, sleep-walking, and sleep-talking. Friend "S" did a fantastic job keeping the girls laughing over my night time antics, which included sitting straight up in bed, looking at my cell phone, mumbling something incoherent, and after friend "S" tapping my arm and telling me to go back to sleep, me immediately laying back down and apparently starting to snore right away. (I don't quite believe that, although I know for a fact I snore:o)).

I also woke myself up twice (in one night!) fiddling around with the curtain and the air conditioner button (I was so hot!), and I also remember talking really loudly to no one in particular:o).

So, while the stories are true (to some degree!), I am also very willing to admit to them and I laughed right along with the rest of the girls. As the laughter died down, my pastor's wife summed it up by saying any prospective guy (i.e. - husband material) will have to get this all in writing and be forewarned:o).

So consider yourself forewarned!

And I won't be offended if you chose to room with someone else:o).


Becky said...

Hahahaha..friend "S" definitely did a fantastic job!! I had no idea you were like that ;) Phew...I feel so relieved now that I know these things!

Tiffany said...

I just saw that couple in a news thing on the internet a few weeks ago! I hope Josiah and I live to be married for 75 years and then die so close together! Hopefully I will go first though...