Friday, May 23, 2008

Sense Of Humor!

So I thought I should let my bloggy friends know that the Lord has a sense of humor and proved it to me again on Wednesday:o).

We left for the airport Wednesday, absent-mindedly took a wrong turn (as in, heading west to Des Moines, Iowa instead of towards Chicago), realized our mistake, backtracked 14 miles, got at the airport at 10:50 (my flight was leaving at 11:26), checked my bag (late), prayed my way through security, and got to my gate just as my name was being paged and the door was being closed. The time it took to get from the beginning of the airport to my plane? 20 minutes. The time my plane left? One minute after I boarded:o).

When I landed in Philadelphia, I knew my bag didn't make it onto the plane with me. I praise the Lord for my sister and brother-in-law living near the airport and being able to pick it up for me when it came in on a later flight. Since my brother is getting married this weekend, my sister and brother-in-law were able to bring my suitcase up with them today. I always travel with my Bible and contact/glasses in my carry-on, so I didn't have any "immediate" needs:o).

The sense of humor was revealed during the service Wednesday night. My Pastor was preaching about not sweating the minute things. I think the Lord had me go through that whole "ordeal" at the airport earlier in the day, just so I would have a fresh lesson of application for the preaching:o). Isn't God good?!?

All that being said, my camera cord was in my suitcase (which I just got back tonight), so no pictures yet of my trip! The next few days will be taken up with wedding/family/Memorial Day stuff, so hopefully I'll be able to post the pictures after the "busyness" dies down:o).

Would you mind praying for the wedding this weekend? There's going to be some people at the wedding who aren't Christians, so please pray for witnessing opportunities. Some of you know my brother personally, so I would really appreciate your prayers!


Elizabeth said...

*Giggle!* I'm glad God got your through the sirport. Wow ... that was close ... but He did it! I hope the wedding is perfect ...

Emily said...

Hey Anne girl!
I will pray for the wedding... and isn't it amazing the way God works things out?

(Even though you had to leave your new straightener in Philadelphia.)

See ya tomorrow morning!!! :D

ScribblinScribe said...

I laughed! My brother was married last fall under similar I know how that goes. Hope the wedding is a testimony to the Lord!