Tuesday, August 5, 2008

*Chortle, Chortle*

In case you haven't noticed, Emily and I are really good friends. Really good. So much so that at times we sometimes separately hear ("you're good friends with Anne/Emily?") as the person looks at us with disbelief. That's the power of the cross, my friends. That God would take two girls so very opposite of each other and have us be friends is absolutely amazing and wonderful! (And we really aren't that different from each other... we both just carried some pre-conceived notions around about the other, that's all).

So anyway.

Em's been gone to Tennessee for a week, so it had been a while since I worked with her. As we were talking (and working!!! We do that too... sometimes!) today about spiritual things, I thought about a phone call I received yesterday and began to tell her about it.

Me: "Oh! You've got to hear about this phone call I got yesterday. Woohoo, this guy was hot!"

Emily: "What?!?!"

Both of us: laughter, chortle, chuckle, guffaw, etc:o) while I turn a deep shade of red.

Me: "No, no!!! I mean under the collar!"

Emily: "Anne! I'm shocked at you!"

I meant that the guy was really angry, but it sounded like ... well, something else!


The whole day was such an encouragement to me as we shared devotions, situations, problems, temptations, laughs, and listened to a few sermons. I missed having Emily around last week, but it sure is a blessing to have her as a friend... even when I say really stupid things!!

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Emily said...

lol... I still laugh so hard about that...

your face was priceless :)


you need to come home quickly from thighland. i shall be needing you :)