Friday, August 29, 2008


Alright Katie Kamera! I am *finally* posting pictures!!! These pictures are actually in the wrong order, but it would be too much to sort them out the right way (I think I told you the computer I'm presently on is a further comment!) So if you want to see how my week progressed, go to the bottom fist:o).

The market at Thammasat University... we went here on Thursday night to teach an English class. We took our student to the market so she could practice her English, but then she had to leave early for a meeting. So Pookie, Steve, and I walked around the market!

This is an English service with all the team members except Bro. Gaudet who didn't make it in time since he was returning from a trip. Bro. Lange taught the lesson and it was kinda funny to note that both of his kids were sleeping by the end of the service:o). The man in the center and the lady to his left is Bro. Jeff Lange and his wife Theresa.

The Thai guy on the left is Nakorn (Berm). He is a translator and is in the midst of translating good, doctrinal material into Thai. The American on the right is Zak. He was here for a 6-week visit and just left on Thursday night.

The office!!! Miss Krinny is in the purple shirt, my desk is where the pink hoodie is (I get a little cold with the air con running... I'm sure some of you are shocked to hear that:o). The girl next to my desk is Art and she speaks very little English, and then on the very end looking at the camera is my Thai roommate Pookie.

This little bugger and his pals like to roam around on the soi, dropping in and out of the gutters. By the time I had the camera on, he pulled his body back so all that was left was his head.

Wednesday night some of us got together to play some games since it was Zak's last night.From left to right is: Steve, Berm, Zak, and Pookie. We were playing Skip-bo here, but on Thursday night I taught them how to play Dutch Blitz and they loved it!!! Pookie and I thought Steve was going to break the table because he was slamming down his cards so fast... but thankfully it's still standing:o).

Wednesday we had what my Pastor calls a "gully washer" of a storm. I left work at 4:30 and about two minutes later the rains came down and the floods came up! Seriously, this is right outside our door... the street was filled with water! It got worse before it got better, and the shop owner across the street even got some water into the front of her house. But what really amazed me was after the storm. All the Thai people got out their brooms and pushed all the water down the drains. Within an hour the street was clear.

That's about it for now... I'll post more later!


Dear Abbi said...

Eww, a snake! Cool market and I loved the gully-washer picture. :)

Tiffany said...

YEA Pictures!!! Thanks for posting them. (I am having been using a Mac for the last several months too - all I have to say is GRRRRRR! I want my old computer back!!)

Katina said...

Thanks for the pictures! It's nice to see what you are up to!!! Thanks Anne!

Rachel said...

*sniff* Thanks for sharing the pictures...makes me wish I was there all over again! :) You know what that is like, I'm sure.

So a couple comments... :D
-Gracie has gotten so big!!!
-The office doesn't look like it's changed much.
-So cool you got a pic of the monitor!!! That is one picture I never got while I was there.
-Love, love, love the pink walls. :) Good color choice!
-Bravo on teaching them all Dutch Blitz! I tried to teach the Humphreys while I was in AK, but alas...they didn't quite see the enjoyment in the game.
-Hope you didn't get any increased rat activity with the flood on the soi. That's when Templeton came into our house last year. If you get a chance and want to laugh at our craziness, check out the archived DVDs in the office of April 2007. We took some crazy video footage of us giving news reports and singing rain songs when the street flooded. I take no responsibility for what was said, but at least we were amusing to Bro. Tom...haha :)

This is a long comment...I probably should have just written you an e-mail. LOL ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics Anne!!! Wow, that's a lot of water ;) And snakes...I HATE snakes. Make sure you keep a butcher knife on hand at all times so you can take care of them ;). Keep posting!

~ Katie Camera :)