Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So.... About That Trip.

While playing 40 rounds of Dutch Blitz on the trip was fun, it was not necessarily educational :). Last Thursday Pookie and I got to go with Deborah and her husband David to a Burmese school where they teach English twice a week. I had to laugh when David had all the kids stand up and start jumping around:

Kids, whether in the USA or in Thailand, sometimes get a little, shall we call it - tired - during school hours. Since I worked with students for three years, I can definitely attest to this fact! There is something about school that just seems to "trap" some students in for 7 hours each day. These students know, down to the second, just how long it will be until lunch or the end of the day:).

So being in this schoolroom brought back some memories of my days as a teacher... and now that I am looking back, I can remember them and smile!

Because you know at the time I wasn't always smiling at the antics of junior high boys:).

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Jackie's World said...

Great idea, getting them kids to jump around...I'm hear'n ya about them High School boys. They're funny but a challenge. The word "demerit" has recently come back into my vocabulary :)