Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another Update.

Just got this e-mail from my uncle... Laura seems to be doing better! Oh, and "Little Bit" is the baby's nickname... Chad and Laura still haven't narrowed down the 27 names to 1 yet:). Hey, the original list was over 100 names:).

All: Just wanted you to know that Laura was moved down to a step-down unit last night, still in ICU but a more progressive unit. They brought “Little Bit” up to the room and Laura was able for the first time to see her daughter and boy was she ever thrilled. Chad and Laura’s parents said she was overwhelmed. She was not allowed to hold her but spent 15 minutes with her. I saw Laura this morning and she looks better each day. Her voice is getting stronger as well as her color. The nursing staff had her sitting up in a chair position and they helped her out of bed and took 10 steps. She is also now getting some liquid foods along with her IV. Laura is on the road to recovery and your thoughts and prayers really helped her. I will keep you posted. Bob

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Tiffany said...

I heard your mom ask for prayer for her Wed night, but didn't know who she was. We'll be praying for her and "Little Bit" :-)