Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Ladies On The Mission Field.

This past week has been very interesting, to say the least. Between a broken air conditioner -(which really isn't funny since it is in the 90s!) - to printing problems, the devil has definitely been fighting us! So in light of that, this week I'm going to share a couple of missionary blogs that I read and hope that this will serve as a small reminder to pray for missionaries around the world. And as a side note, I'm going to stick this in: when God wakes you up in the middle of the night, He usually is doing that so you can start interceding for some missionaries. If He brings one to mind, PRAY for them! This past week I woke up a couple of times around 6 AM and started praying for my church. Why? Because this week was a special week of meetings every night. 6 AM my time is 7 PM their time, which also happens to be the start of the nightly service. Now isn't that a "coincidence"?!? :)

Here are a couple of missionary blogs I read, and if you have any links to share, I would love to read other missionary blogs!



tina in thailand said...

Thanks for linking to my blog!
I appreciate the reminder to pray for missionaries, it is surely the best support we can have.
I know you have commented and told me where you are, but would you remind me?
Our temperatures have high lately too, although our friends at church assure me it is cold season already! Still waiting for those cool temps to arrive and allow me to snuggle under my comforter. :)

Tori said...

Thanks so much for linking to me. I have a list of probably 20 IFB missionary ladies on my blog, feel free to browse. Oh yea and I'm pleased to feature your too. :0)

I'm heading over to check out these others you posted!