Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Cambodia" Trip.

Pookie and I took off this morning to go to Cambodia to renew my visa for another three months. The funny thing is, we were at the office until 11 PM last night, so it made for a tired, early trip:). It's also a little misnamed since we spent the majority of our time in Thailand, but anyway!

We were going to Cambodia on a bus, so we met the visa people at a huge coffee shop in Bangkok... and let me just state that for once, I actually went willingly to a coffee shop! After we filled out the paper work, we were just sitting around, when I saw this and began to laugh:

Hate to state the obvious here....buuuut generally the area around a water fountain will be wet!

I also loved this sign - they offer "packate tour" and "wee provide tranning." English signs overseas amuse me:).

And that would be Cambodia! I was anticipating a smelly, trashy experience since that's what's been the general verdict from everyone returning from Cambodia, but apparently Pook and I got to go to a different part of the Cambodian border that wasn't smelly or trashy. It really didn't matter anyway, since we only spent 3 minutes in Cambodia... the bus people took care of getting all of our visas renewed.

This was on the Thailand side - somebody apparently did something commendable because he's got his own statue with a bunch of roosters outside of it!

My *one* experience in Cambodia is having children run up to me (like the kids pictured here) and say, "Madam? Madam? One baht, one baht!" Even though I told them "No" about 30 different times, they still didn't "get it" and kept asking. By the way, notice the roosters? Those were right outside the walk of the Col. Sanders statue.

Well, now I'm legal for another 3 months!

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Tiffany said...

I am glad to hear the trup went well. It looks like you had fun, too!