Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Photo Cards For A Penny.

Since I live in Thailand, I was beginning to wonder about what to do for Christmas cards this year. I didn't want to do anything too fancy or expensive, but just as the great debate was about to shape up, that's when I got an e-mail from Snapfish:

Ta-da! Problem solved:).

The nitty-gritty details are this: You can order up to 20 photo cards for a penny each, but it must be done by November 23rd, you pay for the shipping, and you need to use the coupon code CARD08. Of course I got another e-mail from Snapfish saying that all shipping would be free on November 18th, but they only allow one coupon usage at a time, so I didn't quite hit the jackpot!

But still, I thought it was a great deal and I'm having the photo cards sent to my address in the states where hopefully my sweet mom will disperse them out to my family. The great thing about the card I chose is I could put four pictures on it. Since most of my family doesn't read my blog (hello! comment if you do, oh dear family members!), I'm assuming they don't see my week to week pictures and so it will be nice for them (I suppose) to see me:).

So, there you have it! That's what's working for me this week:).


Paula Constable said...

Oh, I'll I have to try that out. I haven't done photo cards yet. In the past I have created our own postcard and ordered it through an online printing company. I thought about doing a photo card for the sake of my time.

Like your blog and your goal of visiting all the states and continent. Who knows how God will you use in all these places!

Tori said...

Great idea Anne! I promised myself I would get busy and mail make out my cards early this year, I always end up not making it in time, not this year! I may even think about this photo card idea!

Melissa said...

I got that email too -- but I'm already done with cards this year. Although I suppose I could order them for next year!! :) Snapfish is having some good deals lately -- they were offering FREE photo books last week -- $30 value, just pay shipping. Pretty sweet. :) :)

Kay said...

Pretty good deal Anne! :) I'm glad your having fun in Thailand!!!

Big bro tom said...

Yay!! Family member who reads this. Lol!!

Blessed said...

Now I really need to get Lil Sugar's Christmas pictures done!