Sunday, November 9, 2008

Reeses PBC, I Love Thee!

The Langes have a group of 20 people here from their home church, so we've done a little rearranging to accommodate 5 extra girls in our house and this is the result:

The fun part for me was at 5:45 AM when I walked through our (then) dark downstairs and stubbed my toe on 4 different suitcases.... silly me! Duh!!!

But anything is bearable because these gals brought candy corn for Pookie annnnnnnnd...


You wanna know how to get on my good side or need an idea for sending something in any future packages????

These will win me over.





Nina in Portugal said...

We too love Reeses, but we can't get them here. I have a good recipe if your interested....If you can get the ingredients there...

Anne said...

In a moment of confession, I have to admit that we *can* get Reeses here, but they are so expensive... so I'll definitely take up up on that offer of a recipe:).

Melissa said...

ahhh, you are a girl after my own heart. :) :) After-Halloween candy sales brought me lots and lots of Reese's. Yummy!