Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Little Help Please.

I could use a little help. Seriously. I feel like I'm being eaten alive by mosquitoes. (Hello, cool season!)

So in an all-out effort to ditch the itch, I am turning to you guys. What do you do to prevent bites or scratching?




Something has to give. And I'm trying to forget the fact that mosquitoes carry dengue fever.

Soooo, any ideas?


My Bright Corner said...

I would use spray. When I was younger and went to day camp, word was being passed around that rubbing a dryer sheet on yourself prevented mosquitoes. (???????) I remember doing it but don't necessarily know if it worked. Maybe it's worth a try. At least it smells good! Do ya'll have dryer sheets in Thailand?

Deb said...

Ok, I KNOW what you're talking about! Those suckers will drive you crazy!
Different things work for different people, mostly because everybody's "smell" is different. Mosquitoes find you mostly by your "smell", so that's why a dryer sheet works for some people, it masks their body smell. I am very cautious using sprays with deet, just because it's a pretty harsh chemical. However, if you know you'll be in a place that's really bad, deet WORKS! Better than anything else I've tried, because it actually repels them and doesn't just hide your from the nasty buggers:) Skin So Soft oil is pretty good for everyday though, if the bugs aren't too bad. All it does is hide your smell so they don't fine you as much. For what it's worth....