Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Quiet Christmas.

The Christmas tree lights are shining brightly while the banister lights are twinkling their little hearts out. The street has turned to its nighttime routine, with motorcycles whizzing by and food vendors shutting down for the day. The fan is quietly blowing as a movie plays in the background. I sit here on this Christmas Eve thoroughly enjoying the moment. My December has been very care-free, and I thank the Lord for this Christmas I get to spend in Thailand.

Lest I be construed as a kill-joy, I definitely am not. Let's just say I needed this. I tend to get caught up in all the "hustle and bustle" of Christmas at home. But it's been very refreshing to have no plans for this entire month; well, no plans outside of the normal plans:). Our plans for tomorrow are very simple ~ a picnic-style lunch with our team members.

But the most important plan I have for tomorrow is to reflect on the birth of Christ - my precious Lord and Saviour. I know He was not born on December 25th, but this is the day we set aside to celebrate His birth. My mom used to make a "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake and that is the true meaning for tomorrow.

So I wish all of my dear blog readers a hearty and merry Christmas. Wherever you may find yourself tomorrow, be reminded that the birth of Christ truly is the reason for the season!


Kim said...

We're also getting ready to head out with our co-workers for their traditional Christmas Day picnic :-) And I made a "birthday cake" for Jesus as part of my contribution for the meal. Even though we're far from our kids this Christmas, we wanted to keep some of our family traditions alive!

We were up well past midnight to enjoy the fireworks extravaganza on Christmas Eve. I think most of our neighbors had some and I told the hubby that next year we need to have some too :-)

Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!

Kristi said...

Merry Christmas, Anne! Of course, it is now two days after Christmas, but we're still enjoying the season. And yes, the hustle and bustle of Christmas can get to us all. It's nice to have those slow times when you can reflect on the true meaning, which is the birth of our Saviour!