Friday, January 23, 2009

A Title Eludes Me... Too Much Work!

Hello bloggy land.... I've missed you! I had great intentions to let you know I was leaving on a trip, but I never got around to that... or anything else that I was *supposed* to do! Oh wait, I did get out of bed last Saturday morning, which was a plus, and I even made it to the van with a packed suitcase! *Bonus points for me!*

We had a super-great, super-great trip to northern Thailand (do those words super-great bring back any memories for you former EBAers???) and we pulled in Thursday evening after a very full trip, including going to a new country! But I'll have to share in another post:).

I was fondly (*ahem*) thinking of those good 'ole Pennsylvania roads as we bounced our way down this Thai road... I-78 anyone???

More to come later! But for now, I'm home bloggy land... I'm home!


Kay said...

Have a Super-Great day! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

kari and kijsa said...

Have a wonderful day!
kari & kijsa

Melissa said...

It's gonna be a great day!! Are we all smiling now??? :)

Jackie's World said...

I'd hate to play real-life frogger on those Thai roads! Not that I have in the states...
Hey, the other day my parents took us out to dinner at a Thai restaurant in Bethlehem. It was wonderful! I personally really like Thai food but this was a first for Chris. I said, "I wonder if Anne eats a lot of Thai food?"

Becky said...

I now officially have that song stuck in my head...THANKS A LOT, ANNE! :D

Anne said...

I'm so glad I could do my part in bringing up that song again;).

I wanted to get to that Thai restuarant before I came here, but I never made it. We actually eat a lot of American food, since we do our own cooking, but the Thai food gets worked into there too! Sticky rice and mango is my favorite dessert and anything with garlic is really good:).

tina in thailand said...

Yes, that was Maesa Elephant camp. That was our second time there. It is pretty convenient to get to although I understand there is a much better one about 45 minutes further up the road.
What other sorts of touristy places did you go to while you were up here. We have had guests a couple of times, but since things have become familiar to us, we would love some feedback on what you enjoyed for future reference.
Glad you enjoyed your time up here, it is pretty!