Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Bride Wore White. Twice!

We went to a Thai Christian wedding on Sunday morning for the pastor's son Bay and his new wife Soi :). This is my second Thai wedding, but the last time I was upstairs, so it was nice to actually see the bride, groom, and the ceremony! One thing I could appreciate was Bay and Soi sat down during the challenge. Having been in a few weddings, I can relate to achy feet and standing in heels for the ceremony;).

Here Bay and Soi are greeting their grandmothers.

(Myself, Krinny, Soi, Bay, Bro. Tom, and Pastor Jeseda - the groom's dad)

Every family group gets their picture taken with the bride and groom. Carolyn didn't hear her name called so she didn't realize she was supposed to come up with us:). She got in with the Langes though.

Berm and his girlfriend with the couple. Berm works with us in the office and is currently translating into Thai a complete Bible Institute course from a church in Oak Harbor, Washington.
In a word, the reception was beautiful! Yes, we felt slightly under-dressed! I don't think I've ever been to that fancy of a wedding reception before:).

Soi and Bay changed into new outfits for the evening reception. That was something different for us ~ the wedding was at 10 AM and the reception wasn't until 6 PM. Both of Soi's dresses were very pretty, but I felt so sorry for her as she walked around the whole time in 3 inch heels.

My Thai roommate Pookie and a missionary's daughter ~ Sarah. Sarah actually just moved here from Australia although her parents and brother have been here for some time.

They got to have their own runway... what a cute idea:).

The cake looks huge but the actual cake was only the bottom two layers. It was very impressive though.

We were so thankful to witness this marriage. Thailand is just as affected as any other place by divorce, broken homes, and single-parent houses. What a blessing to see two young people follow the Lord!


Tori said...

Wow what a wonderful thing to be a part of. The wedding looks so beautiful.
Love her dress.

Kay said...

I love the sleves on her gown!

Kay said...
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Dear Abbi said...

So I guess you have to visit the land of kitchen cockroaches to be invited to a fancy wedding. :) Very lovely, so glad you were able to be there!

Melissa said...

That looks like a gorgeous wedding!!! We went to one on Saturday as well (not nearly as fancy) and the ceremony was an hour and a half!! So glad I wasn't a part of THAT wedding party! :)

Emily said...

hmmm... kind of a different scene from LVBC weddings :D

it looks fabulous!

Jackie's World said...

Wow, I'll have to remember that runway/cake thing when Chris and I renew our vows. j/k