Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Excitement Level Is At An All-Time High!


We have found clothing made for Americans.

We found there here.

In *hushed whisper* Thailand.

And do you want to know the ironic part (because ya'll know how much I love irony)?

It's at a mall we frequent every. single. week. No joke!

You see, every Sunday after church we stop and eat at a place called Food Land (it doubles as a grocery store... weren't they smart!) Normally we'll eat lunch, grocery shop, and go home. Boring, I know.

But today that routine changed a little bit, oh yes it did! Our driver -aka Bro. Tom - is out of the country so we winged it by taking a taxi to church and then taking a taxi to Food Land. Well, after we were done eating lunch (yummy cashew nut chicken!), we decided to stroll through the four-story mall and see what wonders we were missing out on.

Oh yeah, we were missing out alright!

On the second floor, Krinny stopped to look at a long-sleeved shirt for her granddaughter. For 49 baht ($1.50) she decided that was super-cheap enough to buy for the little girl. Before you knew it, we were raking through the bins and bins of name-brand, quality stuff that would be super-expensive in the States.

How do I know? Because the price tag had two different prices: one in baht and one in dollar. For instance, a shirt that I picked up today from Old Navy? $24.50. The price in baht? 149 - $4.28. We rummaged through the bins for two hours, but that was a small price to pay considering (a) we found something that actually fit us (b) the price was beyond right. I was really excited that one of my finds was a shirt for $1.00! We feel that was just an extra blessing from the Lord today and I got out all of my "gotta go second-hand/bargain shopping now!" urges:).

The only sad news is that Carolyn missed it. But no permanent damage done! After all, we go to this mall every single week:).


Amber said...

That is so exciting!!! I remember being super excited whenever we would find good deals in Bangkok. My mom would buy us tons of clothes because they were so dirt cheap! YAH!!

And hooray for Old Navy!!! :)

Emily said...

wow. thighland! you show unexpected depth!

I might even come over for deals like this one!


Ben-d-Hall said...

Looks like you should try an ebay clothes business :) hehe

tina in thailand said...

We have 'export' stores here too, but they seem to carry mostly mens clothes and ladies clothes that are still too small for me, and rarely children's clothes. But when we do find something, you are right, the price is totally right!
Glad you had a fun shopping day and found some things that really fit!